i Am Esper – the arc of a tree, and the shape of a cloud

artist: i AM Esper
Title: the arc of a tree, and the shape of a cloud
cat: TFR614
keywords:ambient, post rock, soundscape
label: Torn Flesh Records www.facebook.com/tornfleshrecords

The newest release on the very straightforward netlabel called Torn Flesh Records is the work of i AM Esper. The title of this work reads away like poetry which is usually the key for a successful atmospheric music experience.

indeed the first track is exactly what my ears where expecting. A beautiful work that reminds me of these fine moments of pure relaxation where the sun is touching your skin in a gentle way. A little breeze to keep you in a perfect state of well deserved calmness. Sipping from a tropical drink with your body in a comfortable hang-mat between the flexible friendly trees. Perhaps this description is more about my personal situation as a reviewer while listening to this wonderful music, but i can imagine people dreaming away in their fantasies to these kind of exotic peaceful environments themselves. The warm strokes of stringed guitar beauty creates simply a very warm and loving world to be in and is an absolute calming experience to treat your soul with. After a heavy day of full on stress , hard work or disappointment this music will certainly fade out all your previous worries in to the far background. Just sit back and be one with the song of the trees…

The sound of the next track is sounding more raw but within minutes you are hooked in a world of fine beauty. Especially when a layer of singing guitar sings in your ears with a warm and soulful existence. The track gets warmer and warmer with the great use of building up and directing these wonderful tropical sounding guitars. An amazing song that lifts the listener up in the blue sky and let you fly along with the lightweight clouds for as long as this trippy music is playing. A perfect track for these wonderful moments of inner peace that will almost make you feel stoned with its gorgeous created feel good mellow nostalgia.

The last track that also wears the album title is like a warm soft touch on the shoulder. It feels like the creator has managed to capture love and concentrated it into this sweet feel good work that you absolutely wouldn’t regret to hear! This is sunny love wrapped in pure feel good music. If you are in search for a track to send to express your love for someone you fancy dearly, than this track would be a great romantic choice. This is obviously made of pure love and its thoroughly impressive what I AM Esper could create with a guitar and great editing. Absolutely beautiful!
go and enjoy this work over here:

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