Shooting Birds Out The Sky – Stomach Cancer

artist: Shooting Birds Out The Sky
title: Stomach Cancer
format: mp3 / flac 320 kbps
keywords: experimental, avant garde, glitch, harsh noise, noise

Everything you hear is noise, and some of us intend to take it to the extreme. I completely agree with the slogan of Proc Records: “Noise will be Noise”.. and with this in mind lets enter the void of “Shooting Birds Out The Sky”.

Beta Male Warrior sounds to me like a male being trapped in some kind of absurd and obscene scene of a non existing hell-raiser movie. pinhead takes a good look at the Male before give him the ultra warrior beta test by infiltrating his bunghole with demonic iron snakes. The thing is not too scream as we hear at least 10 meters of iron going up his backside in a rapid speed. Perhaps too shocked or too painful or just completely paralyzed by fear, but indeed it seems like there is no one screaming. Lots of guitar sounding rumbling in the back, or is that other horrendous torture on the poor humiliated human soul? I hope the Beta Male Warrior can walk after this and that the iron chain snake will leave his cave in working order…

“cutting your face” is an all destroying track of high sounds that will make sure that when you press stop, the tones will continue to ring in your skull for a couple of days. I’m convinced that this is indeed cutting your face but in a modern fashion. No old school knives that goes through the flesh but more nasty lasers that simply cut not only the skin but also the bone structure of the skull. As you can imagine this is a painful image and the noise here is absolutely merciless.

What can there be said about a noise track called ‘stomach cancer’ ? Well for a start the noise that is on display here is indeed a believable impression in sound of ‘stomach cancer’. Is it weird that every time i write “stomach cancer’ and listen to this track i feel intensively sick in the gut? the music isn’t easy and even though somewhere i notices some kind of human element , the actual sound feels basically like torture. Of course i hear some deeper layers in the nastiness but at the same time it feels very robotic and emotionless. I hear voices on top of the sounds and weird taunting melodies, but i cant define if it is actually in the soundtrack or that it is a product of my imagination? Its all pretty harsh and makes sure your ears will tingle after hearing this track for a long time. So is it good, did i like it? I would personally send it to someone i dislike, like someone you hate so much that you almost begged for getting this person stomach cancer.
For my personal noise fetish i prefer the kind with eccentric pony horses 🙂

get your stomach cancer over here (or pass  it to a ‘friend’):

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