Haut&Court – La vie

artist: Haut&Court
title: La vie
format: mp3 / flac 320 kbps
keywords: experimental, crust, grind, hardcore, mathcore

Hello and welcome in 2013…
A little email hit our inbox with the question what Yeah I Know It Sucks thinks of the first release of a young mathcrust band. Personally i have never heard of a genre called “mathcrust” but i hope it is something that will happily surprise me with festive sparkles and fireworks.
Lets hear what this is all about!

Well… Once you hit the play button you will know exactly what it is all about. Banging guitars, massive drum works and rough vocals that sounds like they come from a traditional metal infused pair of lungs.
Let it burst is the name of the first track, and it sounds exactly like its title. Perfect mayhem!

the second track ‘krokodil’ is aggressive and speeds through your veins like its an adrenaline rush that doesn’t know “no” for an answer. The track is intense and completely hyper and when there is a dramatic break in the middle, it gives the listener a time to inhale before going straight back to pure violence again.

‘This Genesis’ is more a menacing piece of music and is till now one of my favorites i have heard. It is twisted and peels the skin from your body with an aggressive skill.

Are you ready for madness? well the forth tune is just that! ‘Colision’ combines the hyper metal beats, the insane guitar riffs and the whisky invested vocals into a wicked track that goes by in all its rapid speed for the sick in need!

“life” is the shortest tune on this release but is definitely still worth mentioning! it is like a kick in the butt with a steel shoe!

The last track feels like a heavy ballad created from a depth of pure hell. I love how the song get more crazy and mad and how everything goes in the red to make sure even deaf people could enjoy the sound of this young math-crust band! In case you where wondering, this track name is ‘Wasted time for wasted minds’.. do i need to say more?

Unbelievable how quick this E.P. passes by and perhaps this is the moment where the saying “time goes quick when having fun” comes to mind.. perhaps it was not so much the intention of this band to sound like fun, but i had lots of fun while listening to this upbeat galore of pure metallic madness!
It is a bit like an shot of pure caffeine squeezed in a little cup, it looks safe, but when taken orally it will sure hype you the fuck up! So imagine hearing this E.P. while drinking a cup of coffee or snorting a line of white substance and i can think of a scene of running around the room like a person high on bath salts before jumping out of the window! be aware because this French Band delivered great stuff and is super tight!

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