Radiostatic – House Of The Rising Sun (Single) – EP

artist: Radiostatic
title: House Of The Rising Sun (Single) – EP
cat: TDCD013
keywords: cover
label:  Get Some! Records

I bet you are aware of a song called “the house of the rising sun”. Forget the original version as on the last day of 2012 a very new and far more fun version has arrived. Think a more twisted, more experimental twist of the original with all the elements you loved from the tune, shaken up to fit the future. Really cool!

the second track on this single rolls a bit like a river with a light weight piano and a rolling beat that drums against the stream. a sweet voice sings on top before disappearing with the music of this catastrophic waltz.

It was nice to hear a sophisticated cover of “house of the rising sun” and  its definitely a great version. So if that is your cup of tea than click the link below to download this single:

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1 Response to Radiostatic – House Of The Rising Sun (Single) – EP

  1. linda says:

    I could not choose from the recently reviewed releases, so I hit the random button. Finding this indeed a delicious cover!! Earworm activated! ❤

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