..quite simply…CUNT – Grinding Autumn Crust

Artist: ..quite simply…CUNT
title: Grinding Autumn Crust
cat: Siro558
keywords:  grind, crust, raw
label: Sirona Records http://sirona-records.com/

The music is so muffled and raw and distorted that it feels like it has been recorded in a rehearsal room. Everything seemed to be melded together as one massive block of audio, except the singer’s voice who has managed to escape the moldiness.  Even though the vocals are a lot clearer than the rest of the music, it is hard to figure out what the possible lyrics are what this obviously jolly front man is trying to tell our ears.  I have to mention how much fun I had trying to figure out the words. In my mind the singer was actually a chicken getting chocked by the other band members while cursing them into places where no one has gone before.  Through the crust metal sound I hear him screaming terms like ‘ I hate you’ , rape you’ I fucking kick you’ oh goth, I ate you…’
And this is basically only the first track I have tried to decipher.

The second track is more from where it came from, and I could also figure out a heavenly ‘I ate you, fucking you’ I ate you’. Is this perhaps the same song as the first one, but a slightly different take?
Or is someone just pulling my finger? The title of this track is ‘Throat Fucking Your Crust Hole’ and I believe there was definitely not a better chosen title to represent this track.
The last one is called ‘Bastards Of Crust’ and here again I have the feeling that it is the same song, but with a slightly different take on it music wise. This whole EP is very short and rawer than raw like a piece of red meat in a blender. Every bread has a crust, so click the link to get your own one:

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