The Hairy Giant – Snow Angel Residue

Artist: The Hairy Giant
title: Snow Angel Residue
cat: Siro560
format: 192 kbps
keywords: ambient, fieldrecordings, drone, dark ambient
label: Sirona Records

Yeah I Know It Sucks is a bit slow at the moment as fellow reviewer Mister Spalding just adopted a new puppy and yours truly is working around the clock to meet a Thai princess. I know it sounds idiotic, but trust me that is the truth. Anyway whatever we are up too, we are overwhelmed with busyness and do our best to update the reviews as much as possible. So without more bullshit let’s dive into the music of the latest release on Sirona Records!

The hairy giant takes the listener by the hand, into the green fields for a much needed doses of fresh air. Warm sound is stretched out over green fields with groups of friendly sheep. The sounds and the cute view of a baby lamb will make you forget all your troubles. There is no better medicine than a walk out in the open…

Rusted Road Signs” is a track that sounds more industrial than the previous visit to the green fields. It is perhaps the contrast of perfect harmoney that gives this release a Ying and Yang feeling. This track feels like we are in an urban jungle that is full of left over noises from a city. Brushes of traffic, a wave of a helicopter, the walking feet on the concrete floor. Sounds from a vibrant past in an abandoned city.

Get this Ying Yang experience over here:

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