Rog – Too Sexy EP

artist: Rog
title: Too Sexy EP
cat: qbs-019
keywords: techno, minimal
label: Qubit Sound

Diving into this warm sexy sound of smooth techno is a very pleasant way to feel good. The sounds that are represented here are perhaps a form of minimal music, but it sure goes to the point of getting the listener in a hypnotic tribal groove.

Where the first tune was very bright, the next one takes a much deeper approach. A 4 by 4 groove that interlocks your brain for ultimate dancing and feel good experiences. The whole track is minimal but the sounds and music that you here are intensively trippy and sure gets the listener into a hypnotic state of mind. Just listening to that funky wood block and you are hooked!

Heavier on the bass is the next dance track on this hot EP! The music instantly makes you move as it contains a rhythm you simply cannot resist. The adding of warm crackles that sound like they come from an old record is extra pleasuring the brain with pure sexiness. The minimal sounds are so hot that when closing the eyes the listener will find themselves on the beach dancing in an trance of pure joy.

The last track on this EP is exactly like its title ‘too sexy”.
With this sexy piece of minimal techno music it is not very difficult to imagine yourself not only dancing in a euphoria moment on a warm beach, but also some sexy partners of your own choice to join you. Next to being sexy dance partners who are hallucinated by the presence if this very hypnotic sexy music, they are also very willing to feed you tropical drinks of alcohol through a straw.

If I have to come to a conclusion about this release i will tell you yet again that this is sexy, hot and will certainly hit the G-Spot for minimal warm horny techno music that will get you in a trance in waiting of an orgasm! The sad thing is that when the music stops, all the sex appeal disappears with it. Play it on repeat is Doctor Phil’s advice!

get this sexy music over here:

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