Krzysztof Mlynczak – Something in Between EP

artist: Krzysztof Mlynczak
title: Something in Between EP
cat: Siro559
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: post-rock, alternative, other
label: Sirona Records

Krzysztof Mlynczak teams up with Kacoer Burda to create an very wicked EP of pure symphonic metal.
While Krysztof is responsible for all the great played lead and rhythm guitar on this release, Kacper supports tightly with his bass and drums programming skills. He has even mixed this release which in my opinion sounds very professional and upper class!

The tracks itself have wowed me away since this EP came out and entered my ears. This is real music, made by obviously very talented individuals. The last time when i encountered something like this, it was made by a stereophonic patient who was communicating through his electric guitar and created the most awesomest electric melodic music i had ever heard. But this release simply fades that memory to the far background, as this sound is fresh and obviously pretty good!

The tracks are one by one individuals with a different vibe or feeling behind, but all with a great beauty of symphonic guitar music. The openings track “no escape from Neverland” made me wish that there was no end to this tune, as it is an uplifting piece with a cool undertone of darkness. I simply love how this track gets into your head and makes you wanna scream “fuck yeah”!

“flashback” takes the listener on a great ride with another catchy instant anthem. This is the music that lift up the mood and tells you that whatever the shit is you are troubled with, it is going to be alright! Forget all your problems, just rock out and let these strings take you away with all its musical euphoria.

“destroyed” is the third tune on this release and starts of with dramatic tones but because of how the musicians are taking a spin on the notes it builds in power to face whatever that has been destroyed. I imagine walking through a post modern landscape destroyed after heavy bombings and our guitar hero’s walking around like they own the place. A jump in the sky before the fade out in the horizon…

When seeing our imaginary guitar friends disappear in the previous track i am happy to announce that they have returned for a lovely last tune. “wait for me” is a sweet melodic track that plays the strings from your heart which is really a great track to listen to and lift up the mood. The music makes love to your ears and is pure love. Is it perverted to say that i can imagine a video clip with guitars  penetrating  love holes? Anyway this is a pure beauty and i absolutely love it. As far as this hole release is concerned; please give us more! pure perfection!
grab this free symphonic rock  orgasm over here:

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