Axel Schwunck – Love and Passion

Artist: Axel Schwunck
Title: Love and Passion
cat: RB19
keywords: Deep House, Minimal techno
label: Repeat Beat – Netlabel

sometimes you just want to switch off your thinking parts and get seduced by sexy dance music.
Axel Schwunck made something that will fit these moments perfectly with his ‘Love and Passion’ release. It is an easy listening episode of almost erotic dance music. I say almost, just because I switched of my thinking parts and couldn’t imagine the soft porn scenes in the head that comes along when listening to these fine grooves. The beat and sound is dense and the music is one blissful experience of floating melodies that are there to please our ears with pure smoothness.
The 7 minutes duration of the first track called ‘Disorder at Tiffanys’ are simply delicious, and the baselines have a juicy fatness to it! The ending is sublime like a sweet Italian dessert with chocolate mousse!

‘Love and Passion’ is another sexy smooth body pleaser. With its pounding deep beat it creates a very erotic feeling and there is no hair on my head that doubt that this track would be the perfect soundtrack to make love on. There is something very sexy about this music that it could be labeled as Viagra for the ears! Really loving the breaks and how the music sounds so full with intelligent melodies and tripping elements. This is a soundtrack that hypnotize the listener into a realm of pure passion!

The last track of this nice release is a tune called ‘Step by Step’. My ears are happy when the beat kicks in after some sweet acid sounds have showed their cuteness.  A funky house piano pops around the corner and makes way for more friendly acid bleebs. A funky clap makes sure every limb in my body is dancing in pure xtc. A high melody sings on top of it all and creates a pure track to feel good and smiley about.

If warm, full-on sexy deep house / techno isn’t your thing than better move on, but if it is than I certainly suggest downloading this passionate and lovable release over here:

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