Hynra – Super Mandrive

artist: Hynra
title: Super Mandrive
cat: Siro561
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: Dubstep
label: Sirona Records http://sirona-records.com/

When you are aware that dubstep is being played through the speakers in the gigantic shopping centers in Bangkok (Thailand), you cannot deny that this music has the potential to drive far away from its birth town.
From a select group of clubbers in a dark club to a world wide audience of shoppers, dubstep has come a long way! It is perhaps this traveling of sound that artists are exploring new ways to adopt to make the music ready for the future. Hynra is one of these explorers that does its ultimate best to create dubstep with a new twist. The first track on this EP is a remix of ‘J-Rocks ft. Thufail Alghifary – Tersesal’ and sound like Tom York has replaced the Radiohead sound with a fine sniff of dubstep. It is perhaps a weird combination, but the track on its own proofs that it turns out pretty well.

The next track is “super mandrive” and is a happy marriage between dubstep, raga and drops of acid. This is way stronger than its openings track and when played properly (read: play this fucker as loud as possible!) your hair will wave in the base frequencies! This track takes the original dub vibe on a glitchy ride that simply made my body move! Love how the track evolves and never bores for a single bit, without losing the main melody that is freaky as a booty of an elephant with make-up on! You could hear that the producer had lots of fun creating this piece as it certainly shines through its vibes! Big up ya! peace the the I, Rastafari!

the last track is a “preview” of something the producer is working on? Perhaps I will sound like a rude boy to question the purpose of addingthis teaser here (with snippets of a track) instead of giving the listener the full track.. Was it because the track wasn’t finished yet, or is there a more commercial side behind it?
Anyway it pissed me off a bit, but hey it is probably because the former track hyped me up so much that i was hoping to hear more greatness to satisfy my mandrive!
Get this music for free at the link below:

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