Just Plain Ant – Love(d)

Artist: Just Plain Ant
title: Love(d)
keywords:  down tempo, future jazz?
label: BlocSonic http://www.blocsonic.com/

The feeling of sitting down in a warm bubble bath of sound is exactly the way how I feel while listening to the first track of this EP. Cut up vocals that float around on a groovy catchy feel good beat that just knows how to make you feel good. Let this warm music rinse and clean your thoughts with all the warmth and beauty it is flying into your ears.

Just Plain Ant  knows how to reach your heart with perfect sample based music that is warmer and fresher than a summer’s day.  The only thing what is missing while listening to this jazzy piece of music is a glass of wine. Freely played piano parts that are played loosely on a cool beat is the ultimate pleasure!

‘Run For Your Lives’ is a track that reminds me of my time in London. A dodgy English café and way too much bottles of sweet alcohol on the way to find the toilet while walking almost in horizontal state. A track that smells of booze, jazz and good memories!

It’s a bummer that this release just contains 3 short tracks as this style is pretty satisfying material for the people that love modern sampled music, odd cool jazz and booze infected happiness!
This single is definitely worth a listen, so check it out over here:

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