Lanfax – Saturn Express

Artist: Langax
Title: Saturn Express
cat:  SLC05
format: wav files
keywords: electronica
label: Soisloscerdos

The first tune on this is called ‘Bipolar..  The whole track gives the listener somehow a sneak peak in a Bi-polar patient, as it jumps from here to there. Than the music is like this, than it is turning around into that. But however it changes, it always puts the best it could get from that moment in time. Even if that means ‘Pure craziness’, it will certainly cover that!

Saturn Express, is a weird track that is also aiming at our psychedelic intake. It creates a trance –like state that sounds when you have reached the ‘lalala land’ status will seduces your brain with the ultimate craziness. The thing is that before you are losing yourself the steady and uncompromising electro beat comes back up and like chloroform under your nose, it will definitely sort you out!

‘Antisonar ‘ is the next track and even though I am pretty tired after a long day of running around and acting busy, I can’t say I’m not feeling this. The track is moving like a panther searching for his prey, completely taking me into its grip of trippy jungle of sound. The Rhythms and sounds that are simply singing its way around in a indescribable matter, is getting funkier and freakier by the minute.
When the hunting melody is shaking up a bit I simply cannot resist to move my tired body like it has just woken up after a shot of fine caffeine. This cool track creates a feeling of being indestructible and animalistic.  Love it!

I Have to be very honest, the first seconds of the last track I was stricken by a feeling of ‘What The Hell is this?’. But very soon I connected to the sound that was aiming at my psychedelic receptors successfully. The first track is not easy to describe as it sounds like something my brain hasn’t encounter before. It is a hypnotic trance state that is high in concentration and focusses on the main core of psychedelica. This audio elixir is absorbing your brain like a sponge and uses its magical touch to show a magical appearance of a smile on your face. This when listening sober is already an amazing experience, I can just imagine how great it will be to hear this mind altering sound while being high on synthetic quality medications. The sound rolls and seduces in perhaps an unknown alien musical production the listener far beyond the realms of reality. This is the most Effective audio for tripping your balls off!  Great!

get your Saturn Express over here: (I’m out of here!)

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