Luminous – Young Hit

Artist: Luminous
Title: Young Hit
format: mp3 r20 kbps / flac
keywords: experimental, dark ambient, drone, folk, lobit, power electronics
label: SPNetD

If you wonder how it would sound like when you suddenly open your eyes and find yourself in a drugged state of mind in a posh restaurant, than the first track is something that recreates this situation very closely. ‘Fed Blues’ is an feverish and abstract track that feels like your hearing has been altered by smoking Salvia like cigarettes. It is like a carousel of absurdity, a dinner organized by the Feds?

Of course it is impossible to know who have exchanged your cigarettes with salvia, or who has spiked your drinks with a heavy load of ketamine. Is it possible to spike drinks with ketamine? Or was it the layer of sugar that nice suited agent offered you into your snorting organ? Anyway how and what doesn’t really matter as in the second track called ‘Caved In’ you are entering the K-hole state of mind.  Your body is paralyzed and you are apparently tripping on the sounds of the room, awaiting your time as a patient drug explorer.

The story has taken a rather strange road as somehow we are in the cargo department of a train.
We can hear the railroads under us while we listen to our mechanical heartbeat of strange machinery that gets more and more intensive by the minute. For some kind of reason it feels like we are kidnapped and are absolutely unable to move. Are we the victim of secret police for not paying our taxes? Or is this all a strange dream? In any case there is a certain calm in the position we are in, as there is no escape as the train rolls along in the night.

The next track confirms my earlier thoughts with its title called ‘Hostage’. We are probably in deep shit, but somehow the music let us enjoy the fucked up situation we are taking part in. It is probably the muffled almost crying sound of another victim tied onto a chair next to me, as I can’t imagine our brave hearts sniffing because our hostile situation. It feels like we are in some kind of storage place and we hear some kind of engine, lots of traffic passing by. I wish the other hostage would stop crying and showing fear, so i could enjoy the perfect state of being bound and going nowhere.

suddenly the mood changes with ‘Lamb’s Kin’, we are on a small motor boat with some fancy sailors who take us somewhere to a folkish country.  Listening from behind the front deck the waves against the ship have a soothing effect, some of the crew members are playing with a strange device as we dream of ice-cream vans.

The title track of this album is representing itself. ‘Young hit’ transport us into another unknown location with its only reference our own heartbeat. IIt turns somehow into a alien pop song with a weird voice singing, while hearing strange noises and glasswork being tossed around. This is actually not bad at all and somehow this track is comforting and enjoyable even to our human ears. It is highclass experimental pop and if I listen carefully; is the alien singing in French? Of course it where the French all along! Hiding under our faces, they have secretly been an alien race from a planet far beyond our imagination. This is a beautiful tune and definitely the most deifying track on this album.

The last track is something that the owner of SP records (Shaun Phelps) would love, as he loves to grind certain things. This track is called ‘Grinding’ and feels like we are listening to body’s getting grinded in some kind of huge grinder. A great way to get rid of garbage, proof or evidence of former beings that have heard and seen too much for their own good.

Young Hit by Luminious is an awesome journey of music that feels like you are a character in a strange abduction movie. The sounds and style are delicious and very enjoyable and with a great adventurous form of experimental music. Personally I think this album is really great and good fun because it manages to trigger your imagination like no other, while not going too deep that will make it uncomfortable. The title track is a point of rest and fun on this album and is a damn interesting way of making a experimental pop song like you probably have never heard before.
Freaking loved it!
Be sure to be ready for this adventure before downloading this great work over here:

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