agnès pe. – Rob Herwig

artist: agnès pe.
title: Rob Herwig
cat: 0kbps018
keywords: experimental, noise, jazz, avantgarde, plant-music
label: MAV [0kbps] Records

Of course there is no need for a reason to review something, but because i am in such a good mood it would be a shame not to use it.
This is basically the moment to write how much fun this album is by agnès pe., and how perfect it fits with the feeling good side of life!

Although the first track may sound a little dark at first, it is probably just an illusion. Out of a brew of strange sounds there is suddenly a fine doses of hyper speed freak out modern jazz. It is perhaps just a little twist in this soup of weird sounds, as it pops up two times before it drowns in the sound, but hell it hyped my ears up for the greater good!

And with that i should probably mention that the ‘Rob Herwig’ track is the most funniest and cutest track i have heard since a very long time. If this is really a self-portrait in audio by the artists than this guy must be a really funny character and we should hang out together for a folkish circus side show dance! This is so much fun, cute insane and rather damn good! This jolly music makes sense and feels like a compact and perfect track for these happy moments. I can imagine Rob Herwig playing this track everywhere he goes before he enters the door. Lightening the places up with his existence! An instant flamboyant happy maker!

What is better than having a good guest over that sends out good vibes? Indeed insane experimental hyper speed chopped up cuckoo acid jazz!
Or well something that i couldn’t really describe in another way.’Pachyveria’ is like a feel good track that would be a perfect match with a run and chase scene from a Benny Hill video. Hilariously good!

Next is some kind of sound recording of slimy bedbugs that are crawling around under your pillow. Perhaps they are in the cupboard too and feasting away on that fine delicious wooden taste. It is called ‘euphorbia milii’ and i have no idea why i mention this.

After hearing these fine bugs it is time to be back in the living room where Rob Herwig spins his favorite records, while raping them with love.
a track called ‘phoenix’ got that jazzy touch while on the same time it got a touch of crack. Pure family entertainment if you’d ask me!

‘sedum’ brings us a experimental sound element that feels like a combination of freestyle jazz, and the smashing of glasswork in a fancy way. Perhaps the moment of dancing to jazz and throwing wineglasses out of the window is profoundly captured by this very enjoyable sound wizard.

The next track ‘adiantum’ is more the sound of the underbelly. Perhaps we are ate something wrong and the intestines are digesting all that fine jazz, while a small vessel of aliens is exploring your bowels with all their futuristic technology.

In ‘Ananas’ i think the alien mini explores has found the problem and are analyzing a piece of Ananas in your digestion system. This is a breakthrough for alien history and leads to a 18 seconds during form of eureka!

Last but certainly not least is a tune called ‘solo come moscas’ which brings our focus back on the friendliness of the perfect guest; Rob Herwig. He takes over that dusty wonky piano in your house you completely had forgotten about. He plays it for our hungry ears and injects us with a delicious noise.

This is a beautiful madness and i can say that the world needs to hear more of agnès pe. What a great selection of experimental music that even though the label that released it somehow calls for the vaporization of music, it is very musical and swell very personal. I really feel like if i will ever own a house, it would be great to invite the producer over just for the fact that these sounds are like the perfect house guest! Bring on the good vibes!
get this over here and be sure to be in a jolly good mood:

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