The Reptiles – Manipulator (Single) (None)

The Reptiles' single Manipulator didn't have a pic, so I figured I'd use the charming image of the two lads responsible for producing it instead. Don't touch it without washing your hands afterward or you might catch something. 😉

Artist: The Reptiles
Title: Manipulator (Single)
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Rock, Industrial, Back Alley Grind Rock
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Another request, this one from mah boi Nathan who’s partnered up with a certain other local gent by the name of Chris to produce a single titled ‘Manipulator’. It’s just a single so far, but I figured I’d help them out by writing a bit of a review for it.

‘Manipulator’ begins with a throaty, bile-coated vocal, soon followed by bass and crunchy guitars. The rhythm track is equally crunched up, a laid-back sort of groove over which everything else dominates in the mix. It reminds me a little of groups like Machines Of Loving Grace or Gravity Kills, but more gutter-goth, almost like the artists had been living in a sewer since ’96. It’s definitely got an oldschool ’90s vibe, a throwback to the industrial rock sound briefly popularized by Ministry and similar artists. The divergence from that in this track is in just how crusty and gritty it sounds production-wise. It’s like the soundtrack to having just opened the Lament Configuration; a bunch of cenobytes have just emerged and started chewing your nipples off while this plays in the background.

You can hear the tunes and help a brotha out at the following link, cheers!

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