Dino Felipe – Personality Crisis

Artist: Dino Felipe
title Personality Crisis
cat: BR021
keywords: freestyle, fun, PARTYYY! Rock, noise, electronica, experimental, pop,  party-music!
label: Bedroom Research www.bedroomresearch.com

Are you ready to play a nice game of ping pong? Drop some acid under your tongue and prepare yourself as Dino Felipe, a ping pong table and a crazy bunch of Japanese girls armed with ping pong bats and balls are ready for the competition.  Just put the sound on at maximum volume and let the friendly games begin! An upbeat electro flop track fills up the room and the balls are flying around like light weight ammunition. Nobody cares about the rules as they are made for fools and this game is all about fun times. Running around the ping pong table and some dude is playing guitar with its teeth. A young woman is sitting in a corner but with her mind on planet psychedelica while trying to keep track of the score while blowing bubbles of weed in the air.  The vibes are good, fun and an absolute party and guess what you are all invited to join in! And do not worry if you are not into ping pong, there is enough room on the table to shake your booty on that funky rhythm. Join ‘Drug buddies’ for an instant happy mood of feel good insanity!

The next track is a mad celebration and is called ‘Es t Diis’ which probably means ‘eat this’ translated from Dino’s own invented language. It is nice of him to offer some musical snacks as of all the sportive activity and weightlifting spliffs it is normal to have an attack of the munchies.
Mister Felipe points out where you can get the food and the music let your ears explore the rooms where the party people are crashing and enjoying a little break for themselves. A dog goes around with magical cookies,  some cowboys shooting potato guns at each other, some horny friends have taken over the floor form some sweet touching and cuddling. A famous guy from Korea dances around in his underwear while showing his gigantic belly. The music fills up the whole place and feels like an indescribable orgasm of experimental music that smells of pure feel good joy! Dive in the swimming pool with that fat Korean guy and keep pressing the keys on your phone to play along with this wonderful music. You will love it when the cats come to lick your toes…

‘Scrolling Mice’ comes up next and good a sensible touchy feeling to it. This is a very musical piece that makes me think of how modern jazz music should sound like. No trumpets but crazy mad scientists pressing buttons, funny whales humming sweet sounds from their belly’s and turn the whole song into a cosmic love song! Super sweet and sexy!

Dino Felipe is in a ridiculous good mood and shows of the retarded guest named Andrew a really good time. After a solo dancing session of mister Felipe, everybody comes in and join the mad dance moves and surrounding the slightly slow minded guest. They pick him up and dance around the table and blasting good and happy vibes all over the place! What a feast! And I guess Andrew’s drug filled mind will not remember anything when he wakes up, except being covered with kisses and a warm heart..

Now it is time to please the party people with some funky Felipe rock music. The table is transformed as a stage and it is amazing how a drum kit, the electronic shit, the base amplifier and the guitar stuff all got a place without falling, But it certainly works and rocks! The people gather around while the table tumbles slowly around and Dino Felipe and friends’ rock out their hearts, delivering a very up mood for the lucky birds that are there to enjoy the party! Fuck Yeah!!

‘Dilapitations’ gives us a moment that everyone can do something for themselves. We have sneak peeks in audio form of what the guest are doing. It is obvious that the doors to another dimension have been widely opened and everybody got their own way to communicate within this perfect state of being.  We hear someone trying to reach out for alien life forms, while a group of friends are squashed on the floor plying acoustic stringed instruments. A room further we hear someone playing the electric guitar in a spaced out way and in the bathroom there is a whole digital drum improvisation going on with lots of machines being twisted, wrecked and being humped! This is probably not the best way how to describe it, but it sounds like shit loads of fun!

‘Occaaco (by Dino Felipe and Plancton9) is next and hits the g-spot of happiness in a very precise and particular way! Blow up balloons, let the air out, jump on the fat belly of a clown as a trampoline and draw funny faces on the walls. Create your own arty farty party hats from carton milk boxes, drum on the bottles and fart a rhythmic beat! This is rock music like you have never heard before! Perhaps rock bottom blues for these delicious moments when everything makes sense and nothing actually does. Pure light entertainments that will make you giggle and smile.
I don’t know where these people get the energy from, but I bet it is delivered by a dodgy guy with a carton hat on his head. The next tune is yet another party pleasure and brings the trip funk into the place to lighten up the wasted people with a lovely flair. The music is funky and wonky and played on the spot with pure soul, and is impossible to resist! Dance around and roll around over the people that have crashed earlier on, be an animal and feel good about yourself!

After all the good stuff I am afraid to tell you that the last track of this amazing album has introduced itself. It is probably a live track as it is named ‘is song is live’. The song feels like a good bye tune, a time where we hug the crazy friends we have met before, crash in a corner of the place between beer cans and leftover cigarette buds.. Good night everybody you have been great tonight! Love you all and thanks for spreading the good vibes! And thank you Dino Felipe for making this album and sharing this epic party for everyone who wants to join in the happy madness! I

Join the party over here and you won’t be disappointed but thrilled with happiness and joy!

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