Various Artists – vk_lobit birthday compo

Artist: Various Artists
title: vk_lobit birthday compo
cat: SPNet080
keywords: lobit/diverse
label: SPNet

To celebrate the first birthday of Russian’s VK Lobit community they have created a party in the shape of a compilation. The artists lining up in this release are very familiar names in the lobit scene and highlight the all-round Russian presence in this wonderful genre!  This release came as a great surprise to me and I am sure this will satisfy every lobit fan as well as any other music lover! These people have already proven themselves on individual releases as well as last year’s VK LOBIT COMPO! (Be sure to check that one out!). Before praising and making this introduction way to long, let’s listen to the actual music made by these fine music makers..

the first artist is MushroomWavved Collar with a track called ‘Uncountable’and is the perfect start for this festive compilation. A pushing beat heaths up the speakers like a steam locomotive! Music is played on top in warm tones while strange sound effects are making the listening experience something that reminds me of a fun fair ride. The producer gives it all when half way a very heavy electro rock vibe introduces itself and creates a powerful feeling of uncountable-ness. Heavy leaning on this punk sound the raw industrial music gives the listener the feeling that the artist doesn’t give a flying fuck if you like his sound or not! But trust me I love this track and feel powerful as hell listening to this!

Another underground hero called Razxca comes up with a track called ‘Yokule Bas’. It is a perfect chosen track that fits perfectly after the uncountable track of MushroomWavved Collar. Razxca creates a moving piece of dark audio that got the same pushing vibe as a indestructible steamroller.

Avs Silvester is one of these producers that always surprises me and I always intend to follow his music wherever it pops up. (Thinking about this reminds me that he send me a demo for Top Of The Flops which I did not had time for to listen too, and now it got probably lost in the chaotic mess that I am having..) Please Avs Silvester forgive me and my messiness!) Anyway back to the music, this track is called ‘Infernal Cold Of Cooling Systems’. I have no idea what that means but music wise it doesn’t sound cold at all. It sound like a petite little wonder that is a one man band, who plays multiple instruments at the same time. This is done in a very delighted way and even the sampler is played containing diverse engine sounds that are keeping the harmonica, the guitar strings company. I love how everything interlocks with each other and the melodies feel warm and somehow fresh. These highly experimental improvisations are something you can always wake me up for!

One of these great people who is able to deliver acoustic music as no other is Vlad Shegal. With the track ‘In Nowhere (live) he sings a beautiful track in his native language with his acoustic guitar as his passionate friend. His voice sound passionate and honest and even though I’m not aware of what these words mean I am fully aware that this is music made from the heart. It hits a certain snare in my soul and reminds me that there is one language we all speak in this world: the sound of music!

Deafness is one artist that cannot be missed on a compilation like this. With his track ‘Sputnik’ Deafness puts on a magical vibe with an ultra-low sounding music composition.  It feels like there is a wonderful melodie trapped in the Sputnik and is getting received through blast from the past on a low frequency radio signal. Perhaps a blast from the past or pure nostalgic sentiment, but whatever it is the music is absolutely mind capturing. You can hear space and if you open your ears carefully and focus you will find wonderful tones that will simply captivate your mind with its hidden beauty.
This is really a beautiful lobit track that (believe it or not) made the hairs on my arms stand up.

And then it is of course time for someone that is definitely is here to reminds us all that this is a birthday celebration. Vziel Projet is here to party and celebrate with an enormous great (but short) track where he spits his words, rocks a great flow and delivers simply a great short hip hop track that you will enjoy! Happy music that rocks out with great quality and good vibes for these great times!
This is a refreshing cocktail in audio format!

So sad that the VK Lobit Birthday compo is over, but so glad that we can just spin it all over again!
I don’t know about you people, but I will eat some cake, drink some drink and smoke some puff for this occasion and wish the VK Lobit community a very happy Birthday!
get your invitation at the link down below:

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