Njiqahdda – Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu (NJMP3-0457)

Aside from being the album art for Njiqahhda's Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu, I'm really not sure what else it is I'm looking at. It's kind of like two people in a cave with flashlights have just stumbled upon a giant radioactive Matryoshka doll from outer space. I haven't been this weirded out since I saw that video of flying Korans killing Salman Rushdie with lightnings and fire... youtube it if you don't believe me.

Artist: Njiqahdda
Title: Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0457
Keywords: Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

This single was from Illinois-based psychedelic ambient black metal group Njiqahdda, which I insist is probably easier to pronounce than it looks at first sight.

The track, titled ‘Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu’ as is the album, is approximately 13 minutes of lo-fi psychedelic sludge with an almost shoegazy quality to it. The slow groove of the drums is low in the mix, giving the guitars plenty of space in which to work their magic; warm and wide-band frequencies clutch your soul in their spiky fists, squeezing the life out of you and putting something darker and colder in it’s place. Subtle and slow evolving, it shows a mastery of form and a stoic refusal to conform to false notions of what constitutes hard music. This is heavier than lead, but also represents an alchemic sublimation, an airiness that is hard to describe.

It could be something you’ll want to subject yourself to, and so here is a link for you to do that:


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