Takadatek – Diarrhea 001

artist Takadatek
title: Diarrhea 001
cat: Siro211
format: 128 kbps
keywords: Breakcore, drum n base, jungle,hardcore, speedcore
label: Sirona Records http://www.sirona-records.com/

This music is shit loads of fun and there is certainly not a lot of things I can possible say about it more than that! This is pure party music and a great mashup of all the previous mentioned styles above!
The first track called ‘Lighters’ and will hype you the fuck up! God how I missed hardcore!

‘R_evolution’ is the name of the second track and is a delicious attack of sick and slick beats that brings back the hyper mood of jungle with a twist of u-ziq! Love-ing the fucktastic breaks and of course the galore of memories this music is digging up! But fuck the sentimental shit, Pop those pills and go loopy by showing of the oldschool dance moves! Takadatek delivers pure party music!

Our day can’t end better as here is another track that injects some fine ass speed into your veins!
The track is called ‘Sabotage’ and is a thrilling attack of mental-ness and kicking beats and chopped up, speeded up amen breaks! It was possible one of the best fun releases I have heard today!
No doubt about it!

The last track Is a track by Takadatek and Ninja16 called ‘Faster’. This time we hear some freakish music that is a full on attack on your senses of normality. Hyper speed beats, house piano’s and kicks in your face like a collection of machine guns! And some pure mental shit! Got to love it, and for I do!

This compact release is pure fun and is the perfect set to pump some high speed energy back in your life! A celebration of memories, good vibes, fresh ideas and above all great party music!
Download this stuff and enlighten your friends by spiking the drinks and spinning this release!
Get it over here:

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