Blakbody vs C.Mantle – In the Mouth of the Sindrome

Artists: Blakbody vs C.Mantle
title: In the Mouth of the Sindrome
format: mp3 320 kbps / flac
keywords: IDM, electronica
label: acre recordings

I had to flicker my eyes, clean my ears with cotton candy to make sure that the music I was hearing was actually meant to sound like what I was hearing.  After a good cleaning of the ears and peeling my eyes wide open I have to come to the conclusion that indeed when they wrote in the info file that this was unapologetically IDM that is impossible to dance too, that they didn’t exenterate.
The description also warns that quote ‘This is IDM of the sort that not many release these days; introspective, detailed and at times hard to follow, but with an ineffable ‘IDM’ beauty too.’ .
To be honest after reestablishing my open mindness and setting up my brain to get the right channel to enjoy this music, I went from flabbergasted into completely hooked. I myself along am responsible to just spin the first track called ‘Sindrome’ on repeat. Even though with its four minutes in length it feels like it is way too short. This is a track that is highly enjoyable but you need to give it time to sink into it. Bath in it and swim around in this obviously intelligent track that moves in a dimension that you could extra enjoy when opening up your third eye.  A warm world arises when you are probably locked into the music created by Blokbody, where rhythms and strange sounds, heavenly swipes and alienating rock grooves, and bubbling layers are all dancing together. This is indeed something you don’t come across very often in the music or underground scene at the moment and I am very glad that this has reached my ears. This musical piece totally excites and should definitely be played on repeat for the best psychedelic effect and enjoyment.

Track 2 is made by C.Mantle and is called ‘In the Mouth Of The Whale’. This track is (even though the description told me otherwise) very groovy and believe it or not, got me dancing. Perhaps it was not a standard dance, but more like a flamingo with a fish in a smoking as a dance partner kind of dance.
This track reflects pure coolness and stoners, IDM freaks and psychonauts will definitely be satisfied by banging their heads on this sexy tune.  It almost feels like an abstract hip hop track without the lyrics and rhymes, perhaps some kind of parrot that does a ventriloquist act is providing gansta vocals… It just depends on how much illegal medicines you have swallowed before enjoying this record. This is pretty and perfect and sure makes every inch of my body transform with spastic movements. Never had thought that being in the mouth of a whale would be so enjoyable!

The third track is Blakbody’s Sindrome, but now remixed by C.Mantle. It feels like the original music is being ripped even more than how it was in its original shape and form, but in a weird way it sound more stable and easy going (haha) than Blakbody’s real version. Perhaps C.Mantle knows how to translate the 4th dimension better to the people who are still stuck on planet earth. Of course this isn’t near any commercial musical material you have heard and neither is it easy digestable, but it certainly is a great enjoyable remix.

Are you prepared for beauty? The ‘ In the mouth of the whale’ track gets a makeover by Blakbody and turns out that this remix makes the original into a track that flirts with the sounds of heaven.
The ventriloquist Parrot is more prominent in view and sings a soulful song on this beautiful piece of bright sounds that makes me think that  the word ‘pretty’ can’t cover the beauty what has been created over here. Definitely an outstanding work where everything makes sense and you deserve to hear, as it just makes you feel sooooOoo good! Amazing!

The last track is yet again the same track but now remixed by its original creator. It is yet again a track that rolls and takes a different take than its original brother. The beats are very nice and gives this hole work a nice flow to it. You can hear the enthusiasm the producer had when working on this track, as it is simply full with elements and exciting audio tricks of the IDM trade. I think it is super cool and you should definitely check this release out if you are into the more intellectual advanced
electronica kind of music. Don’t forget to adjust your ears, and open up your third eye before spinning this record. Get this EP over here:

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