Stereo Surrealist – So Many Spiders, So Little Time

Artist: Stereo Surrealist
title: So Many Spiders, So Little Time
keywords: circuit bending, electronic, drone, improvisation, noise
label: Open Sound Group

Shelduck is a lovely track that proofs that milking the right sounds from a circuit bending session can create ultimate beauty’s. This experimental track contains many extraordinary sounds generated with a Casio Sk-5 on the operation table.  Even though there might be some nasty looking sounds included in this well-made fun composition, they never sound harsh or painful. Actually this whole track sound more like some kind of magical story where odd and cute sounds are dancing hand in hand. The end part feels like a happy go lucky ending and this sure is a pleasurable session of experimental music.

From the cuteness of ‘Shelduck’ we dive into the sounds of another pretty session called ‘Violet Light’. The beginning of this track feels calm and welcomes your ears in a cute way. Than while you have made yourself at home the story has really begun. A strange rumbling of sounds that floats on the side, has the company of lovely played organ sounds that are perhaps very raw, but at the same time very  sweet like a petite cake with a tasty sugar coating on top. The ingredients are the Casio SK-5 and a collection of effect pedals.  This work gives me the feeling of sitting on the terrace in a Alice In Wonderland time zone, and at times it even reminds me of rebelling and not going to church on a Sunday. The music got something very girly and gives the listener something unrespectable at the end.  It is extremely difficult to describe this track as I feel this music is very real and contains the charismatic character of its creator.  And I think I have been fallen in love with the sound of Stereo Surrealist which makes my head go loopy..
Get this lovely and enjoyable experimental works over here:

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