Timmy The Tapeworm – Timmy The Tapeworm Presents Love Songs For Lovers (NJMP3-0121)

Artwork for Timmy The Tapeworm Presents Love Songs For Lovers, by none other than Timmy The Tapeworm. Worms: parasites, or lifelong intestinal lovers? Nature never knew a more romantic pest... yes, think of this next time you medicate to remove yours to toilet, casting off with never a backwards glance (besides to satisfy morbid curiousity) the unconditional embrace of the worm.

Artist: Timmy The Tapeworm
Title: Timmy The Tapeworm Presents Love Songs For Lovers
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0121
Keywords: Glitch, Abstract, Hardcore
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Oh, amore! It’s like, when the moon hits your eye and you get a black eye… and pizza. Something about pizza. Here to reveal to you those important aspects of love that your parents were probably a little more guarded about is Timmy The Tapeworm, sex educator and noise maker extraordinaire.

The first track is ‘Stretch Your Labia & Ride My Face’, beginning with some glitched up lobit porn samples and noise. It jumbles up into a makeshift rhythm that sounds sort of like somebody bashing a mic up against an amp repeatedly.

‘That Hurt (Ripping Cunt Mix)’ starts off with a sample of someone saying “that hurt!”, which then turns into a glitchfest of epic proportions, all very lofi.

‘SadoMaso’ is like a spinning top whirling around at high speed until you feel like your head might explode. A rattling comes in alongside a hiss, and I don’t really know what’s going on anymore but it is almost therapeutic in a way. I think I would play this for someone undergoing music therapy, it would probably solve all of their problems or create several new interesting ones.

‘Like A Papercut’ is exactly as it’s name might suggest, and 100x more painful. Heavy glitches form themselves into drones of vocal cuts.

The last track is ‘Fucking Facemask’, a harsh blast of bassy noise all clipped and distorted beyond recognition. A total noisescape. Listen loud for full effect.

What else can I say about this release? It’s short, very digital noisefuckery. Get it just right over here:


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