W!DE Re:Ceiver – Strangers On A Traine

Artist: W!DE Re:Ceiver
title: Strangers On A Traine
cat: SPNet083
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: HNW,Dark Ambient
label: SPNet http://www.sprecordings.com/spnet.html

To be honest your reviewer needs an escape. Lucky for me and you the following artist called W!DE Re:Ceiver is here to help out and invites us on a journey by train. This train doesn’t have any problems by riding on time as it is perhaps an ghost train, only visible for our ears and mind. Because I didn’t want to escape reality alone I’ve met up with a girl named Tracey. I have not met her in real life so we may be called strangers, but we both jumped on this train while it was moving down the lane. Together exploring the inside, while it speeds up and slides over a non-existed slippery rail road. She tells me that this is the music of her mind, and I tell her that I’m experiencing this trip as the exactly same thing. At the meantime we walk through the foggy insides and meet shimmery passengers and even a strange looking pirate with a happy chatting bird on its shoulder. We open up doors and walk along while the train is shaking up with the speed its moving. A werewolf looks at us and howls a welcoming greet. I thank Tracey again for taking this journey together as otherwise this could be perhaps a scary moment of shit-yourself-fear. We squeeze each other’s hand and pet the friendly wolf on its head. Opening another door we are surprised to find a wagon where a couple of birds are dancing around. It is pretty obvious that they want to be left alone and we quickly walk through. Finally we find a good place to sit. I put my coat on the seats so our asses’ don’t get dirty from the amount of dust and dirt. We look out of the window and see some kind of parading freak show. It starts to rain extremely hard and the circus side show acts are having a hard time not the fall over each other in the mud. Me and Tracey are enjoying this side, giggling and laughing while looking at this marvelous side of soaked midgets, bearded lady’s and horse-legged-lobsters. The train moves on and the weather outside comes down hard on the roof of the train. I’m smiling big time when Tracey pulls out a bottle of French wine. Luckily it has an easy to open cork and we drink it like it’s a bottle of water, making jokes and telling stories about Arnaud Barbe, Shaun Phelps, Johan Nederpel and Adam Crammond’ coffee obsession. Completely forgetting the time and the horrible weather outside, until simply the roof collapses and covers our heads in a giant stream of rainfall. At this moment we have managed to find and open another bottle from Tracey’s bag, and when we are adjusted to be soaked we certainly don’t care about it. For some strange reason the rain doesn’t feel cold as the alcohol made us jolly and warm. We decided to walk down a bit and because our feet are wonky like a jelly fish we lean onto each other like a drunken senior couple. We meet a drunken spirit of a jazz musician. I ask myself if it is Chet Baker, while his toothless smile offers us a sip from his bottle of whiskey. The sound of the rain makes any conversation totally impossible and I and Tracey just walk along, opening doors while the train is making squeaky sounds of old wood and iron. Tracey asks me to pull her finger and “farts”. I ask the same thing and I fart too. We take the empty wine bottles and decided to whistle in them to make music. It sound like magic whaling and we hope someone is recording it, so we could possible release it on a floppy diskette in the near future. Somebody tries to communicate through the internal train speaker system with no success. And me and Tracey sing this beautiful boozy ballad to express how lucky we are that we both took this train ride together, and that even though we are strangers, we yet feel so connected. Slowly we sobering up a bit and realize that this train ride that have brought us together is not just a fantasy, it is bloody freaking reality. A reality created by sound artist W!DE Re:Ceiver that totally captivated our ears and mind by taking us strangers on a wild train ride, that made everything seems familiar while the music is yet so bizarre. These are our mutual thoughts and we decided to fantasize that the melodic music we create by whistling inside the bottles are our work to thank W!DE Re:Ceiver for this sound adventure. The weird part is that if we think too hard we know it is almost a ‘matrix’ kind of moment. A moment that we realize that the melodies we make do not actually come from our whistling but is the work of W!DE Re:Ceiver, playing and tricking our drunken minds with great pleasure. In the meantime the train moves in a slow but unstoppable pace through dark landscapes while the intercom still rumbles on to make someone’s voice heard.
After the session of bottle whistling we feel kind of sleepy. Tracey makes herself comfortable and I’m also finding a way to prepare for ultimate relaxation. In a perhaps strange but relaxing position we pass out and leave this audio adventure for a well good sleep and probably more adventures in dreamland. Want to meet me, Tracey or other strangers on this train ride than don’t hesitate to come on over and join the ride by tuning in here:

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