Various Artists – Sonopsies

Artists : Various
title: Sonopsies
cat: CAMAN001
format:  cd (200 copy’s)
keywords: avant-garde, experimental,poetry, improvisations, post-industrial, electronica, soundscapes, glitch, ambient, and more..
label: Caméras Animales music label

Today it is a special day as we are here for a review of the very first compilation of the Caméras Animales music label called ‘Sonopsies. Caméras Animales is basically a publishing house of contemporary literature and decided that it was a nice move to also include a music label to their activities. With this release they definitely have something in hands that is representing a broad layer of artists and sounds. All bounded together in love for experimental music, avant garde, DIY and something i wasn’t aware of called mutantism. The strong connection between the contemporary French literatures sinks through in this compilation; expect a lot of poetry, avant-garde and spoken word but mostly a very fine and mind-bending collection of artistic music. Want to know the inside details of each track on this compilation? Than open up a wine bottle and have a read..

This release starts with a free speech art performance by a computer generated voice, programmed into a surrounding that can be described as free style jazz feeling by artists ‘ SÆomulçi∝ Gonn≥c.’
The poem that tells about ‘Cylindricals’ is something you don’t hear every day, but now you know where to find it, you probably could hear it every day!
Next up is M. Savant Stifleson with a funky avant-garde pop called ‘Sonopsies’. It contains a very bright grooving rhythm and a catchy spoken vocal. Count this and its short length and it could possibly an alternative hit. With its 46 seconds in length is shouldn’t be that difficult for a radio deejay to find a spot to give this cutie pie some air time!

The next act on this avant-garde performance fest is Méryl Marchetti. He probably had his lungs filled with air before launching his words in one waterfall of poetry. Even though the people here think I’m French because of my gigantic hair and taste for baguette’s and croissants but unfortunately I have no idea what the artist is talking about. It is obvious that he has a lot of passionate things to say, but because there is no space to breath and no place to hide when these French words entering la bit loud in to my precious ears, I’m relieved to know that the track is also a short one.  At moments like this I think to myself how great it would have been if my French teacher at school wasn’t such an giant asshole, perhaps I should have had more enthusiasm to actually learn something, so I could have been more of a help translating these words for fellow obnoxious listeners…

It is weird but it seems like all the artists on this compilation so far have peculiar names,
the next one in the line-up is ‘R3PLYc4N’. This artist creates definitely something that your ears are going to love, no matter what kind of thing you are normally into music-wise.
With the tune called ‘Robot’ there is something that reprograms your brain to make love with the music that is presented here. It is full of surprises, tricky elements in rhythms, unexpected things that are delightful and even shocking at times.  To be honest I always intend to over react a little bit with words, but if this isn’t up there with the coolest ‘shit’ (in the positive kind of way) you have heard, than I just don’t know it anymore. This track contains all and should be heard, experienced by your very own ears! It is very arty and avant-garde but above all, it simply rocks your electronic socks

The following track is one by Flatline Skyline called ‘Be Good To Them Always’ and contains electronic trash pop that makes me think of the attitude and style of ‘The Cure’, if they went purely electronic. It is rock music without the strumming guitars and the ending contains a moment of pure highness. Very Jolly and enjoyable, especially for people who longing for the sound of the eighties with a modern twist.

ElFuego Fatuo takes us on a experimental journey of music with the contribution to this compilation called; Il Paraît;. We hear very minimal played keyboard synths that feels like the player is touching the keys and letting them go in a second and doing the same thing over and over again. The spastic note hitting keyboard player is the perfect match for the female French vocals that use every way to approach your ears in full stereo.  It may seem odd in writing but ElFuego Fatuo manages to balance everything perfectly by adding the right effects, the nicest warmth to the track, that it is basically hypnotizing the listener into a world of their own.

Now it is time for something more lightly but probably one of my personal favorites on this compilation. It is a fun short tune by ‘M. Savant Stifleson’ called ‘epricooprio Prek’. The singer uses his voice to beat box against the stream with the drums and melody. This creates a flow that is utterly pleasant like a blazing fire.

Mushin pops around the corner with Manifeste Mutantiste.  A 10 minute + audio documentation of the manifesto of Matantiste. The sounds are very avant-garde and transforms with different directions, while the statements are being told with a concrete French woman over the soundscape.

The first artist I’m a bit familiar with is Ichtyor Tides, he has released some records on SP recordings which I have enjoyed and definitely is an artist that moves in interesting circles.  In fact it was this artist who directed me to this compilation for reviewing purposes, which I am grateful for as there is definitely something extremely loveable about this compilation. It must be a French thing as the best provoking and coolest artistic expression in audio format aka avant garde are mostly made in France.
The actual track here is called loss/ANGLEless and with its highly interesting approach of strange sound rumblings and a heavenly warmth that shines through it all, it created something angelic and electronic at the same time. It feels like an angel that is escaping the digital ages but I’m not sure if the winged creature is actually making it successful as we stay here on earth with the electronic blibs as our company.

Another personal favorite (I think I must have a taste for happy insanity) is a tune by M. Savant Stifleson. It reminds me of something that could be sang by the umpa lumpa’s in charly’s chocolate factory. This in this case is absolutely something I like. Who doesn’t love the Umpa Lumpa’s?

After some youth sentiment it is time for Awkwardist, who does give its artists name worth its money. The track is called jufamil N or N-O and is an experimental piece of trickery. It feels like my ears are listening to manipulated broken tape recorders. After a while the tape start to roll without problem and some funky guitar jam rolls out some happy vibes.

Just when you were disappointed that the guitars where fading away so quickly in the previous track, Forakte takes over with a tune that is absolutely beautiful in its rawness and dirtiness.
The guitar work mixes with a gin invested voice that sings from the bottom of his gut.
And when you at least expect it the guitars are getting more in the red and the voice even goes more demonic than before. This is lovely, raw and honest music and it makes me thirsty for a bottle of whisky myself! Awesome!

In case you were wondering where the sun has been these days, while perhaps you can inform with the following artist called Sun Thief. This thief may have stolen the sun from you but as you can hear in this wonderful track converted it into an amazing musical piece where warmth and shadows meet.  Perhaps the artist did not steal the sun but just lend it for artistic purposes as it is very clear to my ears that the sun is returning when sitting through the whole track. The music feels like it is made out of 2 different tracks which the first one is more like a soundscape and halfway it gets exchanged into an epic piece of electronica.  Lovely melodies and intelligent drum programming wil absolute entertain your ears with a certain sweetness to it.

After this our friend from earlier on ‘Méryl Marchetti’ makes a comeback on the compilation with another improvisation. This time I’m so hypnotized by the previous track that even though my French language skills are hopeless, I’m happy to enjoy the words that are being spread.

Another personal favorite? Is it possible? Or shall I say that this whole compilation can be considered as one big personal favorite? Well of course this compilation is not finished yet, but indeed the following artist M. Savant Stifleson really injects doses of happiness into my veins. The track is short and perhaps minimal in a poppy format.  It is also playful and down to earth crazy! The kind of things that makes me happy!

Well okay after the last personal favorite, there is the last track that is by co-incidence also another personal favorite! This track is the perfect blast to end this compilation with. It contains everything where ‘Sonopsies’ stood for. And it contains even some French words I could understand! Something roughly translate as ‘fucking in the as hole’ or something like that.  The music is by Thierry Théolier and he spits his words (did he just said in French; ‘shit facebook?) on a track of a hypnotic warrior groove. This is music that stands for freedom and expression and comes across as powerful! Viva le revolution!

The music is still banging in my ears even though I realize this compilation has ended.
Now it’s the time perhaps to make a conclusion of this work, and with all these personal favorites on this album you will probably already know the answer. It is my personal opinion that this is c’est magnifique! And you should certainly check out for yourself and find your own personal favorites and opinions along the way! Get all the information you need how to get a copy of this great album at the link below:

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