R. Lobster – Dada Is Empty, Me Too (Siro557)

This is the artwork for R. Lobster's album Dada Is Empty, Me Too. It's pretty.

Artist: R. Lobster
Title: Dada Is Empty, Me Too
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro557
Keywords: Electronica, Glitch, IDM, Ambient, Braindance
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Wow. It’s time a review again, and this time it’s for a shell-shockingly impressive free album by R. Lobster! You might feel as though you’d need six legs to be able to dance to this one, but I assure you… with some work you can manage with two. 😉

The first track is ‘Euphoric Phrenesy’, a totally glitched up groove, broken to bits and rumbling with ferocity. There are plenty of glimmering synth sounds over the rhythm of it, as well as pitchshifting insanity and the sound of slow spinning records coming to a stop. After listening to it for awhile everything feels as though it is being smelted together ad hoc in a plastic factory. It is very euphoric, like an iRobot aphrodisiac.

The titular track, ‘Dada Is Empty, Me Too’, begins with a mechanical and deep pad that shifts frequently. It sounds like we’re listening to rocket engine parts being manufactured by drone workers. The disjointed rhythm of it is alluring. Soon a deep bassy bell type sequence that resembles steel percussion but in very low frequencies emerges. I imagine myself surrounded by lit buttons of many colours and not knowing which one to push. All I know is that red is often a bad choice. Next, a completely technoid groove comes in, and it’s absolutely mad with robotic aloofness, performing programs of it’s own design for functions beyond logic. Squelching and gurgling machines sacrifice plasticine to the furnace to appease no longer extant masters. An angelic, high resonance choir of computer tones clips in and out like a malfunctioning spectre. Toward the end, very lovely chill pad chords come in, it’s really nice.

Last track already!? Damn. Well, it’s titled ‘Caotic Sensations’, and it starts up with a bizarre rhythm and warbling liquid mechanical goo, like mercury being siphoned into pods. Tubular in character, synths of a partial acidity soak up some space in the mix. Drains notwithstanding, all the sounds begin to splash around, spreading around the laboratory and burning through the equipment.

This is definitely transhuman music, post-cyborg even. You’ll have to be fully automated before you’ll be able to comprehend it in full. Once you’re ready to make the leap into an eternity of wires and a motherboard consciousness, the link is available below.


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