Alex Spalding – 2hrsh

Artist: Alex Spalding
title: 2hrsh
cat: TFN019
keywords: Experimental Electronics, Glitch, IDM, Loose Time Signature, Blitterbreakz, Computer Stutter, Malfunctioning Noise
label: TrashFuck Netlabel

Alex Spalding deserves attention as he is not only a special person, but he also works very hard to keep this review blog alive with a great flow of intelligent and honest reviews, and re-polishing the releases from his Noisejoy label.  Every artist out there deserves a pair of ears to catch their work on, and a few words of acknowledgment. I have promised to review some other mater of Mister Spalding to pay of my debt of praises, but for now I wanted to focus on this little release called 2hrsh.
It is perhaps a short release, but at the same time a very perfect one! Plus it made me remember one of my favourite movies in my one pound collection I once had.. But I will get back about that later..
Let’s start from the beginning, okay?

With ‘Poppy’ we hear a jazzy drummer who mistakenly added speed in his coffee instead of sugar.
A glitch drum kit session appears while the drummer is experiencing an attack of pure spastic limb movements.

With track 2 called ‘Delk’ Alex Spalding is delivering lots of experimental fun. I have no idea what my ears are hearing but it made me think of a crossing between an annoying neighbor who loves DIY,
and the epic breakthrough scene of a mad scientist. Think drilling, hammers and lots of bleeps.

With track 3 the driller killer goes out on a rampage. I don’t know if you have ever seen that movie, but trust me you should trace it down and play this track while the main character goes out and about murdering people with his new drill. It makes the whole scene even more epic as the music hits the perfect notes and the mood for violent rage with a fun twist.

‘Fitting’ sounds like a thrilling heartbeat or a neighbor who lives upstairs walking around in heavy boots. Either way it has a nervous pulse to it.
The last track on this experimental release is called ‘On’. This is extremely wild and made me smile and grin in a twisted way! It is like something I have not heard before and fits yet again as the perfect soundtrack for ‘the driller killer’. Its manic and insane and the perfect explosion of industrial beats to murder too in an psychotic fashion!

This release may be short but it did exactly what It probably should have done; shock me in the best possible way! I think I’m going out to buy myself a handheld drill and get inspired by this experimental release! Better be nice!
get 2hrsh over here:

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