Chameleon Jersey – Interlude (NJMP3-0443)

Like a subway terminal sunset over a city skyline, it's the artwork for Chameleon Jersey's single Interlude.

Artist: Chameleon Jersey
Title: Interlude
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0443
Keywords: Future Jazz, Shoegazer, Experimental, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Late in the existence of my old Noise-Joy label I received three singles from UK artist Chameleon Jersey that I thought were really quality. This is one of them. As you might have guessed. I don’t know why I keep pointing out the obvious, but I need to stop.

On ‘Interlude’ we hear some very nice ambient choir pads that start in with a shot of high resonance. Faintly, we hear vinyl crackles. Light touches of electric piano float in, echoing and then dematerializing. It’s like… the soundtrack to newspapers being blown down a street on a mild winter day. A little bit of acoustic guitar, some well balanced harmonica, then a clicking sound and the buoyant groove of congas and tamborine come in. These are joined by vocals carried just above a whisper that make you feel like getting a bit of sun and enjoying life a bit, maybe going out for a lunch at some place affordable that would give you the opportunity to do some people watching in a non-creepy way. Very chill stuff. The percussion cuts off after awhile and the focus shifts to that of the other sounds, which gradually drift away like the hours of a lazy afternoon.

Anyway… this doesn’t really feel like an interlude. It’s more like a regular track. But, I can perceive that it just might be the perfect interlude to anything you might otherwise be busy doing. Take some time to catch a break, put this on and have a cup of coffee, tea if you prefer. Kick your legs up on the nearest surface, provided doing so seems like something that you would find relaxing. Pop the collar of your shirt, if you’ve got one… if not, find something else to pop. Bubblewrap is a good option, as would be the tab on a can of whatever relaxing beverage you’ve found. Toss some stuff around, and let the sounds seep into your conscious mind. Here’s the link, before I forget!

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