Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Ech(o) – Songs for Picasso

Artists: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Ech(o)
title: Songs For Picasso
cat: SPNet084
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords:ambient, experimental
label: SPNet

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt kindly brings us a ‘Apocalyptic Survival Kit’. In this kit we have a transistor radio that receives blast from the past, a computer bleeping device, some lo-fi bongo’s, shakers and of course our hero Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt himself to make sense of all these devices and instruments. Our musical hero and proud inventor of the accidental guitar know exactly how to get the best out of this survival kit and our ears are in safe hands with his warrior skills.

Later in the night we have to celebrate the fact that we survived the Apocalypse. We wouldn’t have made it without the help of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, and instead of soaking in compliments and praises he offers to perform at the campfir;e one of his special written music pieces called ‘Gast Auf Erden’. This means in English a track to celebrate the fact that we are all just a guest on earth, and happy to survive hopefully another decade. But who cares about tomorrow, next week, next year? Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (the artist with the longest name I have ever encountered) delivers a mad and powerful celebration of a rolling noise fest. It feels like a blast and even though it is on the rough side of sound, it is very danceable. This is warrior music for the now!

Ech(o) comes in to wake us up from the heavy night of dancing around the campfire with a spring of new life. We hear a new world arising, flowers who survived the failed apocalyptic events opening up to face the new daylight. We hear Little worms crawling from the ground to view the rising of the sun, while getting surprised by a bunch of hungry birds obviously enjoying such a delicious snack. Everyone from butterfly’s, to rabbits to even us second grade human beings are enjoying the warmth of light that is covering the saved land. The warm strings are like a touch of Mother Nature on our heads. Making sure we are all okay and happy with our survival.

Slowly we realize that even though Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt did his ultimate best with his Apocalyptic Survival kit, the handful of nature and ourselves are probably the only ones left unharmed.
The Apocalypse did take place and even though the grass is green, the birds are flying happy with the captured worms in their mouths, the intensity of loneliness has captured our feelings.
A sad mood arises with the thought that we could be perhaps the only human survivors out there.
Time for sorrow and mad thoughts of bewildering moments are taking us by surprise, and making our heads a little bit mad and cloudy. With how many people are we? And the birds, are these the only ones left in the entire planet? Is there more green grass further than our eyes can catch?
I have no idea if this makes any sense to you, but this is what I was hearing while listening to ‘ A Fish Upstream’…

The last movement on this highly interesting split is another work of Ech(o) called Bleed in the Garden.
My first reaction of this track was that I have never ever heard someone bleeding in the garden in such a beautiful way. It really is beautiful the sounds of the blood squeezing out of the self-created cuts in the flesh dripping on the green grass, while the sun is going down for a  mind-blowing sunset.
I guess when founding out that we would be the only one left (and all our other friends and loved ones are dead) , there is nothing for us to do than cutting our wrist and enjoy the view leaning against an apple tree in our new garden of Eden. I have never thought to hear such a beautiful acceptance in bleeding to death, but then again I have never considered surviving an apocalypse.
And this all, is a musical letter to dear old Picasso which if there is indeed life after dead, we will sure play it to him personally after we run out of blood to leak.

I know blood, apocalypse and dying are perhaps not the best words to sell a album for download.
But on the other hand it is really a beautiful release with very emotional sides that are very unique and personal. This whole dying in peace thing is just my personal interpretation, I’m sure everyone wll hear something else. The tracks have already been given lots of airplay from free radio stations in remote countries in the world and I would definitely recommend downloading this unique album, that contains music that is equal to nature and its experiences. Download it for free at the link below:

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