I, Cactus – I, Cactus

artist: I, Cactus
title: I, Cactus
cat: 8bp033
keywords: electronic, IDM, Bleep
label: 8bitpeoples http://www.8bitpeoples.com/

I, Cactus’ surprises our ears with a very sweet and tasty debut release.
Its ingredients are full of love, crisper sounds and sweet 8bit nostalgia from the heart. Definitely a great and above all cute release to guaranteed cheer you up when you are down, and make you ultra-happy when you are up.
The release starts with a tune called ‘Yellow cactus’ which is a concentrated mix of pure cuteness, molded in a sweet lovable melodic audio pleasure.  Listening to ‘yellow cactus’ is to the ears as what a sweet and tasty cheese cake does to your tongue. Simply delicious!

If this isn’t enough I, Cactus opens a loveable track with an intelligent construction of chopped up rhythmic sounds dancing with melodies that will make you smile and cry from pure happiness.
It is weird but it reminds me a bit of the melodic part of the sweeter works of Bogdan Razcynski.
But then again it also reminds me of a charteuse cactus who shines in the sun holding a pina colada.
This tune is so tasty that you want to lick of your own ears after listening.

Of course after pina colada there is green! In this case a sweet hold-hands-with-your-partner-and-wobble-on-the-couch kind of green cactus. A very sweet track that is a delicious melt of 8bit sexy ness and a sugar flavored IDM side of sound. Pure love is what this is and there is no denying it, you will definitely love this music back.

Bamboo Cactus is the name of the next tune and is an lovely doses of feel good music.
I can imagine panda’s dancing on these super sexy and swinging sounds. What a lovely love fest this track is and your ears will come like an orgasm in your pants of pure sweetness.

Of course all these tracks are wonderful and super fun, but I’m very attracted to the next sweetness that is called ‘ruby cactus’ as it is perhaps a sounds that is very close to home.  This is a very understandable track that links with the meshed up junkie head as no other, and sings like a paradise birds the most loveable music in a laid back mood.  The only thing that is missing while listening to this track is a hang mat to lie down in and enjoy while the music is wiggling you into a perfect comfortable listening position.

The ending of this cute and tasty release is great! A seemingly wonky track that feeds you power through love and absurdity. A lovely cake with strong layers of chocolate for along your upcoming journeys in music format!  Don’t be foolish to not download this super friendly release at the link below:

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1 Response to I, Cactus – I, Cactus

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    Nice! I was going to review an album from 8bitpeoples a few days ago. 😉

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