Hiyohiyoipseniyo – arritmia del meu cor

Artist: Hiyohiyoipseniyo
title: arritmia del meu cor
keywords: experimental, rhythmic noise, electronica,
label: chirria sello http://chirriasello.blogspot.com.es

The world is full of surprises, sometimes good and sometimes bad. In the case of the release of an artist who listens to the name of Hiyohiyoipseniyo it is definitely a good surprise. The virtual record contains 4 oddly named tracks called aRR_001, aRR_002, aRR_003 and guess what? aRR_004! Perhaps aRR stands for awesome rare recordings? or perhaps anorexic Ricky Rocket…
Well that last comment doesn’t make much sense, but hey who cares about titles anyway? While wandering away with the thoughts of my mind, aRR obviously stands for the term: arritmia. But let’s forget about that as the less words and hints are covered in the title, the more fun for your imagination when hearing these audio works. Let us embrace this release with our ears and enjoy the short but enjoyable experimental works of Hiyohiyoipseniyo.The first track is a blissful track of rhythmically placed sound snippets.
It is like when miniature field recordings of seconds come together in a fun and wonky session. To trace these tiny individual sounds would be a hard job. They could have been sampled machinery or plain animal farm sounds. To my ears it creates an ecofriendly environment with animals inside a barn. It is perhaps not a track to dance too, but there is something captured in these snippets of sounds that creates something very homely. This is a lot of words for such a short track; let’s continue to go to the next aRR session…

…which is probably generating a lot of words too as when it rolls into my ears, I’m totally flabbergasted in a superb way! Where the first session was as far i could tell made up by recordings, this contains actual programmed beats and experimental sounds getting pushed out of unknown devices. I don’t know how to describe it better than mentioning it as an electronic laidback metal track. The grunt singer is replaced by machinery that imitates an parrot with wires up his feathery bum. A great performance is created with a unique vibe as the artist is exploring an direction possible not explored before. The integration of carefully selected and placed samples even gives this tune another layer of depth. Exciting material indeed! Hearing this makes me greedy and hungry for the other aRR tunes..

The third one comes in rolling like a relaxed machine gun made out of wooden materials. A delicious track or sampled trickery programmed in an enjoyable rhythmic session. There is the voice of an Italian person who i believe is that famous actor and artist with the giant hair cut who’s name i cannot remember. Perhaps it is him not, but anyway he sounds just as friendly. When the voice riddles up his story, there are more layers of rhythmic sounds added to the mix, which creates some kind of effect like sitting in a wobbly chair and wobbling around on the multiple rhythms. This is like the previous heard tracks deliciously in stereo, so headphones or a good pair of speakers to spin it on would be highly recommended!

aRR _004 is again a total enjoyment that stands on its own feet by showing yet another direction. The basic ingredients are recorded sounds, all nicely chopped up and reworked and placed in an interesting sound mash up. To describe the different approach is perhaps not an easy thing that’s why i recommend the reader to hear it with your very own ears. This and the other surprising tracks (plus a surprising video and the creative artwork) could be downloaded for free over here:
It’s lots of fun!

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