Murmurists – turd-up ohowlaugh (NJMP3-0397)

The artwork for turd-up ohowlaugh by the Murmurists is like looking at an atlas showing that the world's oceans have been turned to cement, an act of great eco-destruction doubtlessly overseen by the three people with exceedingly unhealthy complexions that are mostly smiling about it. That's like... my literal take on the art, I mean.

Artist: Murmurists
Title: turd-up ohowlaugh
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0397
Keywords: Noise, Avantgarde
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

A murmur is just above a whisper… or maybe it’s the other way around? Regardless, the album turd-up ohowlaugh from the Murmurists is quite well above either. I wonder, can the meaning of the adjective ‘voluminous’ be tweaked to have a coherency when applied to loud noise? I hate to aggravate the sentinels of English diction if I can help it. If any manage to present themselves to the matter of this inquiry I will have to leave notice that it may be best for them to disregard the title of this album.

?Hoo am i kIddin, tho, i luv abyooseng da Ynglish .,LAngWuDge..3

(The important thing is that you were able to read that and understand what I was saying. Maybe.)

Anyway, moving on… the first track on this album is ‘fe.b’jesus bi-sex’, which begins with what sounds like a rusty chainsaw. Creepy vocal ambient sounds start up to menace us from within the space of the mix. “Oil can, oil can!” The track is permeated by a creakiness that never ceases, the voices are as if from a realm of sharp, cold metal and oxidization.

‘Breathing Steven’ takes to a clangy approach to abstract rhythm that soon distorts. The corrosion screams, digitizes. A harp-like drone starts up, along with a simple groove. I almost feel at times like I’m listening to an experimental noise driven cover of the intro to ‘Dreamweaver’.

Next is ‘144’, and what sound like thick piano strings are being fucked about with and distorted, maybe scraped with some harsh instrument of torture? Far in the background we hear what could be low fidelity recordings of audience applause and cheers treated with a certain huge amount of deathly reverb and delay. It goes on like this for a little over 11 minutes and is way cooler than listening to John Cage.

Last is ‘Lydon Ennui’, going for acoustic guitar, a chirp and maybe some kind of harmonic vibraphone or electric piano? It’s very pretty, quite a different piece than the three preceding it I must say. You could listen to this while among the natural world and feel really connected to everything. In the harmony there is a slight touch of jazziness, mostly to do with some of the chord changeups, but it’s mostly a very meandering folk / ambient type of track. Toward the end it ends abruptly to be replaced a shrieking, harsh blast of noise.

A solid experimental album with a few moments that are uniquely compelling, so I believe it would be worth your time to hear it. You can get it at this link:

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