Sanfeel – Gravity (Siro193)

Like a talisman to protect you from the harmful effects of gravity, it's the album art for Sanfeel's Gravity. Enjoy your flight.

Artist: Sanfeel
Title: Gravity
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro193
Keywords: Electronica, Other
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Feeling like I’m in a mood for sweet, playful techno music. Good thing I randomly stumbled across this EP by Sanfeel, which was the perfect thing!

The titular track ‘Gravity’ begins our journey with some very resonant tundra pads, into which an echoing percussive blast comes in. This is soon followed by a thick break with what sounds like a sequence of hoover sirens. Then there’s a shaker on the off beat that comes in, and eventually the rhythm is put on pause for a bit while deep bells sound off in the low frequencies. White noise fades in and the beat returns, along with the sirens. It’s danceable, a bit downtempo, fairly chill.

‘Sunset’ begins with waves and missile strike white noise just before these really nice chord pads start up. A housy 909 type groove comes in… this sounds very uplifting. There is a really pretty popcorn-esque sequence that manages to sound really deep with the filtering effects! Loving it. When the beat drops off some claps come in that I really like, then there’s a low explosion in silence and the beat returns along with an arpish chip sequence and some dry 909 toms.

Last is ‘Symphonie See’, with light Taurus pedal bass, slow popcorn sequences. The groove comes in pieces, slowly evolving, sounds drop off, come back in. It doesn’t progress too much, but keeps going in this form for the length of the track. It’s like background electronica.

Simple, uplifting edm with not too much finishing, but a worthy EP for your attention all the same. It’s like a road trip techno record, not exactly club material but a perfect companion to moderate contemplation… ambient introspective music with just a touch of tempo and pace. You can get it here:

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