Artist:  ReAL.alTEr.Ego
cat: SPNet086
format: 320kbps mp3
keywords: Ambient/Remix
label: SPNet

In case I don’t make sense, please do skip this text and go directly to the download page (link at the bottom of this review). In case you still want to continue my mindless wanderings, please be free to continue:

The good thing with all being a family member of the underground, is that we don’t mind lending each other’s clothes or afraid to take some sugar from one of these artistic members. Perhaps i say it wrong but the thing is that once you gained trust and are involved in an external family who are supporting each other for good and for worse, there is another source of creativity to be found. For example the very inspiring ReAL.alTEr.Ego who’s musical skills are like refreshing melodic beverages donates his pure heart in music to the scene and beyond. That alone is great and every time when i spot his work on a compilation (no matter how crazy the compilation is) my heart skips a beat from excitement, just to the fact that ReAL.alTEr.Ego makes music that is original and very personal.
To make things even better (could that be possible?) the following release is him basically taken ingredients, cups of sugars and musical bones from other characters in this loving underground family.
He isn’t abusing the material, but simply adds his own character and idea’s to it and creates wonderful pieces of music that you may call remixes. I feel like it is his way to say thank you to the other musicians, and perhaps also some kind of invitation to check out the original tracks, which are obviously enjoyed by the mixer himself, that he wanted to rework and added parts of his own soul to it.
Perhaps i have a lot of imagination and is none of the above the actual facts, but either way the results of ReAL.alTEr.Ego remixing the tracks of exciting underground producers are a total chilling out thrill for the ears. Let’s stop praising and listen to these actual tracks individually.

The first track is a landscape for the visual thinker in the form of an audio collage. The original is by Ech(o) and listens to the name of ‘Somnus Alveus’ (ReAL.alTEr.Ego O² Edit) Think hollow sounds of the night meeting up angelic strings of risky beauty. These wondrous tones are singing in a landscape of natural origin. Listening to this would be perfect to reach a state of inner peace as this music for the mind hallucinates you with good intend. Honestly, It took my breath away.

The second track is a track called Paredes Caen, which is originally made by The Faithful & The New House, and deliciously remixed in a reversed backwards way by the hero of this album. Like the previous heard track it gives you a certain flavor and taste of illustrious strings in an absorbing world of lovely ambience. A warmth is generated that fills your heart with strings of joy, and because it sounds like this track is recorded for our ears in reverse, it feels as if we are listening to the end and then slowly move on to the beginning.  Perhaps this may sound awkward in writing, but in reality it is a highly pleasant experience.

For the love lo-fi and ambient listeners ReAL.alTEr.Ego combined the best of the best by remixing a track by the infamous Pollux called ‘love’.
The track is a minimal masterpiece that flirts with lobit and makes my ears dream of underwater beauties.  Think of Mermaids and merman swimming side by side in a beautiful deep blue ocean. This isn’t difficult to imagine as Pollux’s favorite color is probably ocean blue, and the music is magical and full of bubble bobble under water moment. Pretty music that makes you wants to grow a fishtail and join the mermaid world of your soft porn fantasies. Forget what I am writing, just tune into this track and feel the love.

We Try by Cordless Soul Machine gets a new makeover by ReAL.alTEr.Ego. A magical track appears with a very friendly and mysterious world of experimental audio. It feels like angelic sounds have been captured in a machine and can be controlled by ReAL.alTEr.Ego’s fingertips. They sing a wonderful song with their golden voices while tiny bells accompany their soulful escapades.
This remix is turning every place where you will play these sounds, into an electronic heaven.

The last remix is a track called Andante by the famous underground super star with the funny haircut; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This is a successful remix as this captures the right strings and base frequencies to deliver a pure source of lovely audio.
An exciting track that like the previous track reveals a little bit of heaven, but yet more free and spacious. A very wonderful track and a perfect way to end this loveable remix album.  Absolutely recommended for these fine moments that you want to put your brain on ‘zero’ and just enjoy going with the flow that ReAL.alTEr.Ego provides your ears.

Forgive me yet again if sentences didn’t make any sense, if words where written in a backwards way, or if this whole review is slightly unreadable. To be honoust I have been trying to review this album for at least 4 days in a row and every time I pressed the play button, I got all taken away by it. I was indeed hitting indeed that ‘zero’ in my brain, making it very hard to think and write. A perfect state of mind had reached the perfect ‘ZEN’ because of the work of  ReAL.alTEr.Ego. So don’t let my words or feelings fool you and just plug in after a hard day, a soft day or just whenever you need to escape reality and flee in a wonderful world of angelic ambience.
get this album over here:

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