Phantasm Nocturnes – May Cause Death

Artist: Phantasm Nocturnes
title: May Cause Death
format: mp3 /flac 320 kbps
keywords: experimental, dark, ambient, drone, folk, lobit, power electronics
label: SPNetD

A fantastic introduction that ends with the phrase ‘may cause death’ a great rumbling of sounds is infiltrating your skull. Zombification is around the corner and a blast of rhythmic sounds, mashed up with samples creates a thrilling mash up of complete madness. Meth users will definitely love this!
Other people will love this too as this reaches highly levels of interesting audio fun!

Do you think you have heard everything? Well than you didn’t expect the next track called ‘The Dog Ate My Adderall’. Which is Phantasm Nocturnes taking on an alternative dance-vibe with joyful experiments as ingredients. Half way I can imagine Phantasm Nocturnes jamming like a stoned Rastafarian on a blasting soundsystem hitting the buttons of effects, while enjoying this energetic insane and fun jam! Long live the dog and his Adderall! I wish there was more music like this in the world, it would be a great experience to hear this kind of music will shopping at your local grocery store! This is hyper and absolutely original and lots of fun!

The carnival Macabre is yet another fantastic track that contains high levels of toxic radiation and highly original dance music that will smash up your brain with its source of insanity.
This contains pure brilliance and is overloaded with wicked base sounds, experimental madness and pure entertainment! It even got some classic vibes, telephone sounds and acid bubbles.
This will surely light up your day and will please everyone who counts themselves utterly insane!
And if you are not included in this group of people, I’m sure you will join the club after listening to this awesome record!

Get this release over here as it is freaking great!! Highly original and certainly lots of fun!

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