I didn't mean to hit that bike, I was distracted by the loud dot. Or maybe I made this story up and we're looking at the album art for ANACHRONISM by GIUSY L@ DINGUE. I'll let you decide.

Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro071
Keywords: Power Noise, Noisescape, Electronica
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

If you haven’t gone deaf just yet, here’s another awesome release from the Sirona-Records catalog: ANACHRONI[S]M by GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] who has put together an EP’s worth of sonic excellence for your ears, or what’s left of them. I remember the name well, for GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] had my personal favourite video on the still amazing What’s This TV Channel? compilation. I knew then that I would have to review this artist’s work at some point.

We begin with the title track, ‘ANACHRONI[S]M’, in which a roiling, distorted choir of bass pads lays underneath voices that sound as though they could be sampled, sped up. Wisps of white noise creep up on us ever so often in the mix. Very background as foreground, like in your face dark ambient textures rendered as noisily as possible. Screwed up clips of percussion come in, very filtered sounding like inhuman electro rhythms. Air is escaping in time with the groove, I am thinking that possibly we are either being suffocated in an oxygen deprived vat or strangled in space.

‘NO [AUTHORITARIANISM]’ is my rallying point. Heavily distorted electro beats are my soul. French vocal samples run over the top of it, shreds of ambient textures float around. Reversed harmonic bell pads are followed by squirmy oxidated electronic sounds. Suddenly the beat gets a little more pummeling, EBM, with a short breakdown into a more breakbeat thing. Really nice sound on this track, especially toward the end with the really lovely spacy bell sounds and clips.

‘ALIBABA & LES 40 VOLEURS’ starts with some really nice flutes, adds bits of hypno-ambient textures and an IDM/Electro rhythm. This is probably my favourite track on this album. Like an exotica tune run through a drug filter. The heavily distorted and speed-addled break is a nice touch, super loud in the mix comparatively to everything else going on, which drives the point that this is visceral music. The rhythm takes precedence, it’s got your brain in it’s hooks; to pull away now would be certain death. The track sneers at us as we rock ourselves to it’s beat.

Last is ‘EXOTICO ROMAN[TIK]’ which brings in nice Arabesque guitar playing, adds a thick industrial beat that is fucking ace. This is right up there for me with the third track! Loving the flautistry. It makes you want to dance, or convulse, whichever might be more appropriate. If the way you dance resembles convulsion, all the better. Toward the end the beat cuts in and out, leaving ample space for the guitar chords to seep out into your eardrums, and it’s a very nice effect.

I think you know… I’m going to tell you that you must get this album! I loved it. It’s very short, or maybe just about EP length, but it definitely feels like there could have been more. Maybe because I enjoyed myself so much listening to it. Here at the link, you will find it…

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