tt-vox – Za-Ku-Ro (NJMP3-0138)

Is there a more evocative image possible, one more attuned to the sense of yearning to live, to breathe, to love than this, the artwork for Za-Ku-Ro by tt-vox? I dont know. There could be. I'll need to have a look.

Artist: tt-vox
Title: Za-Ku-Ro
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0138
Keywords: Modern Classical, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Something I received a bit randomly was this quite lovely single by Japanese artist tt-vox, straight from the annals of the Noise-Joy archive. After connecting with the artist, we attempted dialogue… I used a very terrible free internet translation service at the time to try and bridge the communication barrier and it lead to some very bizarre conversations that still somehow resulted in him sending this and one other track to me for release! For awhile I was paranoid, anxious that he might not have intended to send me material for release for free on the internet. After two singles, he sent nothing more, but never complained. I can only hope that by spreading the word of the artist tt-vox I can help win him the heart of the internet. His music was really very enjoyable, and of the two singles this one was my favourite, so I thought I’d start here.

‘Za-Ku-Ro’ begins with somber, melodramatic piano with a touch of reverb, sounds of rain, a clock winding down the hours and busy streets. Maybe a typewriter as well. We hear a voice, a phone rings once and hangs up. Who could be calling? A lost love? Maybe it was imagined. The piano is very sad, but also looking for anything to feel positive about. It’s uplifting in that way, hopeful more-so. Time continues to pass with the striking of the metronomic measure. The mood changes toward the end… at some points bits of sound appear to be reversing… the mood reverses with it, becomes swept up in a deluge of passion – ah! but it was only a false impression, a moment of possibility, and now we’ve turned back in on ourselves, to the object of our Romanticism. Outside, life goes on… will we?..

… I don’t know. That was the vibe I got, listening to this again. You might experience something radically different, so here’s a link. Enjoy!

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