Glanko – Telekommand EP (Siro570)

Who is this mystery man? He is the album artwork for Glanko's Telekommand EP... so I've heard. He doesn't really talk much.

Artist: Glanko
Title: Telekommand EP
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro570
Keywords: Ambient, IDM, Braindance, Glitch, Electronica, Psychedelic, Other
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

If you think you know intelligent dance music… you might have to re-evaluate your hypothesis. The Telekommand EP by Glanko is an independent variable that has thrown us into a total paradigm shift. Bell’s Theorem basically states that this EP kicks ass. It’s so good that all words I could use to describe it have become quantum relative. How good is it, really? In a word: dinosaurs. In two words? Fucking dinosaurs. Yes, it’s that good – but it isn’t popular science! This is the mad deep shit… like organic chemistry cut with a bit of Reanimator. Very neurological. If you’re ready to proceed we will commence the experiment, waiting to test our results as in accordance with the scientific method… oh, and you might want to put this on…

… ‘Maikurofomu CC’ sounds at first like an ambient string symphony until crackles of strange electronics emerge as if from out of the singularity. The strings are quickly sucked into a void, replaced by some nitro-glycerin IDM beat chemistry. Rumbles of bass lead into the addition of a few drops of acid into our test tubes. The mixture settles for a moment, then sharp bursts of noise and hissing expand outward. It soon burns itself out of containment, fading until only a hole remains.

‘Telekommand A’ warps from out of another dimension. There is a low, grumbly bass that makes the DX7 sound like some kind of neanderthal banging a rock against a tree. Clean, very fringe electro noises come in, as well as scraps of 808 rhythm. There’s a groove developing, evolving and proliferating it’s genome across the mix. Smooth ambient drones assail us from space like UV rays breaking through a hole in the ozone.

The next track, ‘Apatia’, begins with a crackling experimental electro feel into which a beat so micro that it could have been produced by some kind of nanotech prototype comes in. A brain in a vat reconstructs the world and pads soar overhead just before a really awesome micro-bassline sequence arrives, spiraling into a double-helix.

‘9003 (w/Mote)’ features a piano, a sharp “ting” like a zen chime, hissing clips of noise arranged as hi-hats, a morose violin… this is really lovely, to use an unscientific term. The harmonies are quite nice, like the perfect synthesis of form and function, proton and electron, ocular lens and microscope. You’ll gravitate toward this one, I think… it has critical mass. An 808-esque and very stripped down electro groove runs underneath, it’s complexity reduced to it’s essential components. The subtle touches of Doppler with reverb add a nice touch.

Last is a track titled ‘Tele MZ’. The outbound signal has been terminated, we are stuck in the lab and things have gone disconcertingly quiet with the exception of the noise. Choirs swell into the feed. Rhythms like prions, dead life making Swiss cheese of our grey matter. A buzzing bass hits on the offbeat, like a heart set to strange time. Probably the result of a broken pacemaker. The groove drops off and then we come out into bleak nihilbient drones just before a new beat emerges from out of the lifeless husk of the last. The beauty!

There. I’ve published my findings. I trust you will be procure a copy, self-replicated to ensure survival of it’s species, at the hyperlink URL that follows:

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