Matt Builds Character – My Bedroom Revolution (SPNet075)

In the art for My Bedroom Revolution by Matt Builds Character a mouthless Elvis is framed by large impact font. I think so, anyway.

Artist: Matt Builds Character
Title: My Bedroom Revolution
Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPNet075
Keywords: Indie Folk, Indie Rock
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Any revolution that doesn’t involve my bedroom… is a revolution I want no part of. We must liberate the dust, the bed frame, the discarded socks and piles of personal possessions, paving the way for a better world. This is a really great album, by the way, from Matt Builds Character (otherwise known as MxBxCx) and one of those rare things that I always have trouble reviewing because it’s so totally out of the realms I typically explore. This is mostly because I find it difficult to analyze lyrics without listening to a song over and over several times, and albums like this are driven very much by the vocals. I’m going to try anyway, in an unprecedented move. Hopefully I won’t fuck this up royally!

‘Personal Truth’ is a lofi indie folk track, and I’m liking the way it sounds. The vocals are a bit offtune in certain areas though they warble at the beginning and sound very warm and I found that interesting. The mix feels very heavy with acoustic guitar ambience. The soundscape shifts perceptibly in some places, becoming suddenly brighter out of nowhere, and it’s a really nice touch. I think that the lyric quotient… involves a man having to look hard for what the meaning of life is all about. He steals food and commits vandalism, tempting society’s bulwark the State to fuck his shit up and asking why this happens because it’s totally stupid and meaningless. The realization is that those on the bottom of the pecking order we’ve arbitrarily set up are popular targets of revilement and scorn, despite the fact that not everyone is even allowed to flourish here, most do not, and those sections of the “public” who don’t buy into the ridiculous, unjustifiable system or can’t afford to even if they wanted are oppressed further by no real fault of their own and blamed for the misfortunes they’ve been burdened with.

‘Words Are Like Spells And Diseases Are Infectious’ begins with a click… then a bass guitar and what sounds like a cheapo drum machine rhythm soon follow. After the vocals come in, which are pretty awesome, the beat drops off mysteriously for a bit before coming back in. A touch of feedback here and there, interesting vocal choruses. The vocals are about how scenes and scenesters are crap. So the artist fled one that he at a time belonged to, afterward realizing that whole cities up to the whole of the world is just as crap as a particular scene. I don’t believe I agree totally on this point, except that scenes are pretty horrible! Mostly. But it’s not about worlds, or cities, or scenes to me, it’s about people. Society and the public are fictions, I think, that are used by those with power to drive their schemes.

Then it’s ‘I’m Coming Home For XXXmas’, which starts with some nice acoustic guitar work… and some whistling! The lyrics are about coming back to the familiar having ditched whatever was keeping you away in the first place, and that maybe everything can be what it once was or close to it.

‘What Gives You The Right?’ gets some rocking drums going, electric guitar riffage… it begs the question, why do you think you have the right to do all that bad shit to people, huh!? There’s a really nice lead at one point.

After that is ‘You Weren’t There’ which features some more indie punk rock, this one’s really nice! Lyrically, I think it is about the vocalist having had to do all this self-immolating crap while the subject of the song was off doing something else or was just suspiciously absent.

On ‘I’m Still Wondering’, there’s some noise… it’s like a tape recording of rain outside a window. A lofi organ comes in followed by vocals about being left by someone else who turned out to be flaky so the vocalist will have to just move on past that and get on with life. I think that was it. There’s some minimal percussion for a bit, acoustic guitar…

… then lastly there is ‘I Walk Down Whispering Roads’, mostly acoustic guitar with some deep string chord pads for a little while. It’s about walking in contemplation of someone who left you, about the mess of life, and just looking for something decent in it all, within yourself and out in the world… this is what I suspect, anyway. There are some interesting guitar noises at a few points.

Overall, this is a solid lofi “bedroom” indie rock EP, the songs all have a certain charm to them, there’s a real knack with the artist for crafting songs. If indie folkrock is your thing, you’ll probably like this, though I personally felt like there was more of a ’90s punk vibe to it than what I suppose most people think of when they hear the word “indie” these days. You can get it at the link ahead, so check it out for sure!

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