Various Artists – IFAR comp ONE

artists: various
title: Ifar Comp One
keywords: experimental, noise, other

I can talk about cats, dogs, tigers, snakes and other things.
But let’s don’t do that and focus on the Ifar Comp One, which is so good that it was a real pleasure reviewing it!

Shaun Robert starts this compilation with a track called Random. It contains delicate recordings of water drops, buckets, and general stereophonic loveliness. It basically reminds me of the Positive sides of a leaking roof. This mood gets even enhanced when a timid voice starts to hum a song. Somehow this all makes sense and shows an experimental audio work that is real as well as honestly honest. Absolutely a loveable track that you can always hear when your roof is not full of holes, but still want to enjoy the musical benefits!

Infinite Voices is another enjoyable track, but this time made by M.Nomized. It contains a collage of beautiful voices that are telling you where you are, at this moment in a very original way. Floating singing voices are hypnotizing the listener with a perfect track of great beauty. If i had to describe this track in two words, it would be: Fairy Dust.

Bruno Duplant comes up next with a track called Live Venus Free! and is perfect companion of the previously heard pieces of music. A nice sound construction is formed while data loss is generating signing frequencies as background melody. It is all very lovable and reminds me of the first episodes of star trek. I can imagine an episode where doctor McCoy is transforming his tri-corder in a musical instrument. The alien sounding words at the end gives it the international starship federations seal of approval, and my ears simply love every bit of this work.

Eat your dick shit my pussy is a nice titled track by Suburban Howl. And surprisingly the actual track doesn’t make the title seems too far off. Although in words it may come across as a violent source of audio (which at times it could be), but from my point of view i think this is an absolute calming, yet thrilling track.
Difficult to describe this in details but it is warmth of noise that pulls up and entertains for as long as it is playing. It simply moves like an organism and is the Absolut best end for this colorful and yet very united compilation.

The next track is a very sentimental and loving one and is made by Ryan Gregory Tallman. When this wonderful track was spinning i had an intimate moment with my dog. He was lying on my lap and he looked in my eyes and i looked back, and this music played and transformed this moment in to a magical one. Love and understanding i would like to title this track. Luckily that wasn’t my task and the artist gave it yet even a more personal title:
Manison, for Fred and Ester and the house they build. This title and this song make me almost want to be Fred or Ester or even the house they have been building, as it is such a lovely piece of music.

The A Band comes in to put some salt in the love wounds. Adding some stoner real life gypsy madness, to this lovely compilation. We hear an ode to the apes in a stretched out extravaganza of lively played music. Think horns exhaling in an air of marihuana, a room full of epically sung vocals that recreates the sounds of monkey’s in heath. Add some guitars and a drum kit who loosely directs it to wherever it is going. Anticlastic Ape is Absolute a great refreshing track to hear on a highly digital compilation. Time to eat a banana and make a campfire in the living room!

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is one of these artists that cannot be missed on this compilation. With his track “the Mandela” moment he adds a magical moment of rest on the first Ivar Comp. It is a warm piece that reminds me of summer days in the sun and euphoria that is hard to describe. It is like the artist managed to trap the listener in a perfect moment in time, which gives us the time to appreciate and take a good breath of fresh air for the other memorable moments yet to come.

Confusion of cells by Public Domain seems to be a recording made by calling in to an answering machine. The lo-fi element gives this recording already great status and allure, but what we are actually listening? To be honest I have no idea, it could be an orchestrated recording, but it also could be a highly accidental work. The ending gives us a bit of light when a girl’s voice pops up trying to call again. This is an example of perhaps not knowing what to say when not expecting to hear an answering machine. This is a recording taken straight out of real life, brought to you for a fine legal peeking-tom session!

After this telephone based session a track that could be a follow up based on its title appears. Dead Line by Noise Research is what I am talking about. Content based it is indeed a perfect track to exchange sounds with Public Domain’s answering machine work. After a bit of dead serious dead lphone line dancing a flawless drama played on a piano introduces itself. Reversed piano paints even a more dramatic landscape, although the tones not hit the tones of darkness. Perhaps it’s a track about the knowledge that this very enjoyable compilation is coming to an end?

Last but certainly not least ceMeuble delivers his audio expertise in the last track of this compilation. For an experimental noise based compilation this hits definitely the right G-spot to end with.

Each track on this release is like telling a different chapter of a story. It is amazing how the 10 artists we heard before seems to share similar vibes to each other while yet delivering such individualistic tracks. This is really a success in bringing different ideas to the table, without loss of quality and intrigue-ness. So experimental music lovers, if you are searching for something not in your face, but yet a collection of listenable experimental music tracks from these characters, than this could be the thing that will turn you (and friends) on! From leaking roofs, angel dust, startrek and of course lovers-noise, this contains all! Better be sure to grab this very listenable collection of lovable experimental music over here:

For some weird kind of reason I believed the hype that this compilation was finished with the beautiful ending made by ceMeuble. But the one who compiled this very enjoyable release pointed out to 5 other tracks that had been left out. Of course this is truly exciting news and a great way to have another fresh look on the last part of this compilation. And now that you already downloaded it, you could just read while the actual tracks are spinning. Isn’t modern technique marvelous?

D.B.P.I.T. & XxeNA comes up with a surprise track called Dance of the korrigans.  This team of audio fanatics invites the listeners slowly with sounds of hollow light. When adjusted to this new color scheme they have added a certain rawness that involves a mixture of a line of acid, a electric guitar? And nasty synth work that shows us signs of evil darkness. A great use of experimental sounds squeezed out of a synthesizer transforms this work in something else than just music. A visual soundtrack for the mind, all I have to be honest I have no clue what I’m actually imagining when hearing this. It might be possible that I visualize Korrigans dancing?

With Snowmarch, Subscape Annex creates a winterish flavored march. Because of its hollow sounds that seem oddly warm and the feet stepping rhythm, I can just imagine a heavy booted santa claus walking from one factory to another one. His magical belt is ringing with every step he makes, until the end where he meets his final destination.

Plass is a track by the Mutant Beatniks, and is a contagious track that for some kind of weird reason sounds a bit Goth A dark lo-fi line is waving through a muffled rolling beat. This is all accentuated with samples that give this work a cool but dark flavor. It is time to wear sunglasses and a long black coat and walk around in the streets with an important body language.

Richard Lainhart – The Scales Of Time is a very interesting piece of experimentalism.  Sounds are being stretched out and even if you beat me to death, I have no clue what the origins of these transformed sounds could have been before Richard put his hands on them. They seem to be a mixture of vocal parts that are screeming, or perhaps old school telephone modem sounds mixed with other electronic sources? Whatever it is, the results is very hypnotic and highly original.
This could be a recording of someone getting absorbed in to another galaxy. This sounds pretty violent on paper, but in reality it is actually a very enjoyable and calming experience.
A track that sucks your brain up llike a hoover and you will enjoy it? Yes, I think that  might be a way to describe it. 🙂

For the last track on this divers but yet very united compilation we have Subversive Intentions with a track called Ayman. It is a track with a message and contains a nice way to report on the government protest in Egypt. The music is basically jamming with the news flashes which result in a jazzy feel. If the news would be presented like this, I would probably buy a television and watch the news, just for the music.  I love how the music suddenly overrules the news elements and starts to rock with a satisfying nature.  With the sounds of sirens this track and also this compilation comes to an real end.

Perhaps tomorrow more tracks will show up, but until this time I personally want to advice you to download this very enjoyable compilation, that is even though it categorized itself as noise and experimental; it is a very listenable compilation, that believe it or not; could be enjoyed by the whole family! If this is IFAR comp ONE that there will be probably more of these goodies popping up in the near future.. So until this time (in case you didn’t download it yet), grab it over here:

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