Moon – Like A Day On A Distant Planet (NJMP3-0428)

The art for Like A Day On A Distant Planet by Moon... makes me feel very small, as if I were in fact standing around on a distant planet. Would I like to spend a day on a distant planet? I think so, provided I were allowed to breathe and have my temperature regulated properly for the extent of my stay. It would definitely have to be a nice planet though, none of that "storm on Jupiter" bullshit. Maybe I'll visit Uranus, hurhur...

Artist: Moon
Title: Like A Day On A Distant Planet
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0428
Keywords: Illbient, Experimental, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, space cadets! Welcome to another review on Yeah I Know It Sucks! I’ve just eaten several sticks of astronaut icecream and chased them all down with tang, so I think I’m ready to begin talking about another Noise-Joy oldie. This one is sure to make you feel like you’re in one of those zero gravity situations in which you can do wild and crazy things like spill a bottle of water and watch it bead up and float around. Amazing! You can kind of recreate the feeling by drinking until you get the spins and then laying on a sofa or mattress. That’s how I do all my space travel, anyway.

Getting it started, the first track is ‘Dawn: AuroraB’. The ambient feel just smacks you in the face right away, it’s very pretty and eye-opening. Partly, the texture seems to shift around while lovely string/choir composite sounds float around, too. It vaguely reminds me of Brian Eno’s Apollo, but much cooler because it’s free. 😉 Higher resonance tones come in… there is a real deep mosaic of sound here, all arranged together in harmony with every so often a slight dissonance that creates tension, broken up by the chord changes. It’s like standing at the edge of a new dawn, watching stars fade as the sun grows brighter in it’s ascent above the horizon.

Then the next track, ‘Morning: Acid Rain’ phase shifts us temporally into the crapsack atmospheric conditions of a harsh planet. There’s a drone, something between a buzz and the repeating timbre of a cello. It seems eventually to fade eventually. Several stringed instruments – mostly guitar, from the sound of it – come up in the mix in the meantime, warped and echoey, as well as several electronic sounds. Very intriguing audioscape. There are shimmering bits, some purposeful clipping where the frequencies go into the red. The backgrounds almost feel lobit. Here I’m definitely sensing an Apollo vibe. Squelching, epic pads come in like lasers scanning the surfaces of the ravaged, meteor-torn landscape. It’s really nice, also feels like I’m listening to a Vangelis piece or something. The pads and drones seem to hit some really intense frequencies! I’ve been lulled into hypnogogia.

‘Afternoon: Snowfall’ is a dronescape of many colours and textures. Noisy sizzles, strange sounds, beautiful sonic wizardry…

The last track here is ‘Twilight: Echoes In Silence’, which finally treats us to some abstract electro/IDM rhythm that fits in very nicely with the shimmering synthscape ambient sounds… and there are so many beautiful synth sounds here! Not all of them are background, there are even great lead(ish) noises. It is my favourite track on this album. Listening to all of the frequency play and the madness evokes a feeling of universal cosmic love, especially when those subtle choirs come in that sound so acoustic, not at all synthetic, though it may well be.

The track title conventions are not the only thing that make this release seem highly conceptual. The pieces themselves definitely reflect a sort of dream of spaceflight and a universality that are appreciable for their cohesion, as well as for their immense beauty. If you’re feeling it… just click on the link:

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