Pleko – Pleko (NJMP3-0430)

The art for Pleko's self-titled album is green marker on brownish-yellow treated paper, rendered poorly to jpeg with a digital camera I once owned. That thing was a total piece of shit! Very lovely still, how this turned out.

Artist: Pleko
Title: Pleko
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0430
Keywords: Dialogue, Noise, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Pleko sent this release to me in 2007… in the mail, no less! I always remembered artists who did that, it added a certain special charm to their music. The album art was actually just a poorly rendered photograph I took of the paper folder it arrived in. So, who is/was Pleko? A semi-local artist who discovered my label back when I was running it through MySpace and such. He was living up in the St. Louis area at the time. He did noise, actually invited me to some kind of area noise-a-palooza type thing going on that I was unable to attend personally… and he had a raging fetish for wind chimes. In fact, that’s what I most remember about him. He had several photos on his MySpace page of himself, shirtless, licking wind chimes… touching them erotically. I knew upon seeing them that I absolutely had to get him on the label with a full release… it was that tingling you get when you come across someone with “star” potential. It is great to be able to present this once again for the ears of our readers!

‘Track 1’ gets it started with some extreme, warping shrill frequencies followed simply by a sample of someone saying that they like to see women cry. Then it’s over.

‘Track 2’ comes in next with even more extreme shrill frequencies, for 12 seconds!

Then it’s ‘Track 3’, featuring more extreme shrill frequencies, clanging around like a brigade of Looney Toon sound effects, leaving glass all over the floors.

The low, distorted harshness of ‘Track 4’ clips into the dangerous red zone, lasers firing off and burning holes in the carpet.

‘Track 5’ gets even more fucked up, with swirling lofi laserblasts.

Reverb effects on bizarre mutant percussive noises make up the overall soundscape of ‘Track 6’, and then there is the strange voice, sounding like some guy trying to figure out what the hell is going on with all this noise!

There’s an immediate wall of noise happening on ‘Track 7’, super harsh and with lots of depth in the distortion. It feels like the noise is screaming into your ear, “Please help, there’s a madman on the loose!” Filters bring certain sounds up and down through various painful frequencies. The noise is relentless, destructive… it really starts spinning up and down your spine toward the end!

‘Track 8’ is a sample of someone screaming about how everyone is a rapist and a murderer. Wtf!?

‘Track 9’ brings out the harsh sonic white noise, I think I hear a repetitive sample of a horn pushed into the background…

… next, ‘Track 10’ gets really noisy, clipping under duress for it’s short duration.

‘Track 11’ brings some repeating synth bass and laser sound in modulation with a wall of harsh, screaming noise over it.

‘Track 12’ is the shortest yet at 6 seconds. It’s just a sudden blast noise that unfolds into rumbling, distorted saw bass! The last few seconds are silent.

Then, ‘Track 13’ pans left and right with harsh static.

‘Track 14’ gets low fidelity again for a bit, sounding like a menacingly distorted liquid bubbling, and then a cut-up blast of glitching high-resonant noise comes in, spinning out into what sounds like a whip snap.

The last track on this work is ‘Track 15’ which comes in with a noticeably different sound profile, possibly acoustic. I feel like I’m listening to a piano, a bass guitar and a chipmunk being drowned in reverb. Wait… is that The Beach Boys? It eventually reverses in on itself, and I hear horrible things happening. This is what it sounds like to die, I am sure of it. One of the weirdest bits of sound manipulation I’ve been exposed to, terribly foreboding, convulsive, haunting.

So, as you can probably tell from several of my descriptions, many of these tracks are quite short. By then end you’ve only killed roughly 12 minutes! The music presented on this album is best taken in as a whole, though… each track flows seamlessly into the next leaving a lasting impression, particularly at high volumes whereupon the impressions are most likely to be shattered glassware and some freaked out cats and dogs. Enter the link at your own risk, and enjoy!

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