Datacrashrobot – Disassembler

Artist: Datacrashrobot
Title: Disassembler
format: digital album Mp3 / Flac 320 kbps
keywords: electro, breaks, electronica, industrial, IDM, glitch, future-dance
label: Battery Park Studio

Lately we are experiencing a popularity boom at Yeah I Know It Sucks. With our email boxes simply overflowing with request, it is simply hard to pick one out, knowing the others will watch with hungry eyes in the back.  But anyway hungry eyes doesn’t really affects me, so after a random pull out of the hat I can tell you that it’s a very robotic release that hits the spotlight today.
‘Disassembler’ is the title of the album made by Datacrashrobot and is a self-described electro biomechanical beast. What kind of a beast? Well after my listening session I would say, it is slightly metallic of color, and mechanical in the way it is moving.  14 tracks will probably enough time to get to know this industrial monster that Datacrashrobot has created.

The first track is enormous in goodness. This is a rhythmic, mechanical robotic fest that would make the people from Kraftwerk look like old daddy’s in diapers. I mean Boom Boom Boing Tsjak is really out of date when rocking out of ‘Stream Cipher’. It got a very cool flair, and is perhaps not only made of steel but also triggers your IDM loving organs.

‘Data Shifter Overload’ takes over where ‘Stream Cipher’ had left us. The mechanical sounds are even funkier, and it invites visions of breakdancing machines, and futuristic surroundings. The great thing of this track is that it feels extremely approachable, and even though its high technical content it will make sure you will be clapping and dancing away on these constructive blips.

With ‘Desynchronization 1’ it seems like our guide is twisting knobs, pushing buttons and adjusting sound elements, resulting in a very enjoyable short track of contemporary future stuff. This goes directly into ‘VXI’ which is an absolute dance floor killer for well-oiled mechanical dancers and other comrades who are in need for the perfect doses of biomechanical electronica. Disasembler throws in a pure rhythmic feast with wicked machinery beeps and bobs supplying a hypnotic bounce that makes me want to dance like a robot.

I think there is no stopping now, as the Disassembler album is really taking off with ‘Gyrator’. This is pure perfection in minimal, but yet not minimal futuristic electro. This will do great on the alternative dance floor, or even at home, on the way, or in the car. Probably transforming your automobile in to an alien space vessel, your way home into an episode of star wars and your home into a cube shaped bouncing Borg colony.

The next track is ‘decompiler surge’ which is a refreshing piece of material to dance too. I would expect any moment an alien from outer space to pop in the mix to spit an intergalactic rap on these filthy space rhythms.
Yet again it reminds me of the old school pioneering sound of Kraftwerk, but yet completely ready and pimped out for the future.

‘Sensor deviations’ makes me limbs move in spastic robotic spasms. The spacious electronic rhythmic are very infectious, and the layers of alienating short drone layers on top, are giving the feeling of having the skills to defeat gravity. This is smooth, super sexy and if this indeed is a beast, I want to adopt it and take it wherever I’m going… Probably into space, to do some break-dance battles against groovy machines.

A couple of tracks back we heard version 1, but now it is time to spend some quality time with Desynchronization 2.It starts with a very interesting part of music that keeps the listener hooked and focused on the top of their toes. It is a warm break from all the cold as ice metallic dance classics.

But I have to say, my ears and body are very pleased when the title track of the album introduces itself.
‘Disassembler’ is probably the strongest track on the album as it is catchy, cool and has the perfect flair and flavor. The alienating impersonating baseline is very infectious and the beats and sounds are simply rolling and rocking into a great oblivion. The track get stronger and stronger and it feels like an unstoppable and immortal peace of experimental but incredibly steady and danceable electronica. Very cool and yet hot as f*ck! (Excuse my French) Datacrashrobot really has proven here that it is the king of freaky sounds and now how to annihilate everything you have ever heard before. This is the funky shit and I’m sure everyone who manages to unleash this tune onto the ears will turn into a apocalyptic dancing frenzy!

‘Evanescent wave’ is a warm track that involves alien sounds, weird funkiness and a delicious smooth beat.
Especially enjoying the base sound, that is crawling in the depth of the mix. Like this album in general, this is all very fun and nice!

With the 11th track on this album we hear a track that comes across as organic robot sexiness. With ‘Self Synchronization’ I can imagine a biomechanical porn movie where machines sexually arouse and please each other in the middle of some unknown planet. The calm wind at the end of the track must be the sound of a happy and satisfying happy end for their escapade

Time to inject some relaxing motor oil in your wires, while smoking a puffy gas of relaxing toxic waste.
With ‘Nonrecitifying Junction’ Datacrashrobot dropped a smooth track to get high too.
This is perhaps a necessarily for the absolute great funky mayhem that rocks out in the next track called ’Path Dependence’. This is an tune that stands out in this album and is a mix-up of rhythmic unknown experimental electro sounds that are simply grooving the fuck out of your skull.  It feels like a tiny alien has crawled up in your brain and started to rewire your braincells to make sure your body is dancing on these irresistible vibes. Pure perfectionism from start to finish!

I can’t believe this will be the last track on this hyper modern release. Lucky ‘Switching Subcircuits’ doesn’t give us some bullshit before we are returning back to planet earth for a nice cup of tea. The last track is absolutely a last blast of Datacrashrobot funkiness. This album is of a very high standard and almost every track will seduce you into weird dance moves. I bet when you play this to people who are dependent on wheelchairs, they will stand up and dance, or perhaps roll around in circles while pulling strange faces.
Datacrashrobot goes out with a good vibe that will definitely make you want to come back for more!

14 tracks of killer electro dance tracks that are ready for now and the future, is certainly a must have for anyone who wants to wobble their asses of to this set of super-efficient professional modern dance music!
It may be a beast, but I would call it a feast! For more info and an option to get this record in to your collection( to spin it at all times), please visit the link below:

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