Ichtyor Tides – Cellars Descqent (The First Recordings)

Artist: Ichtyor Tides
Title: Cellars Descqent (The First Recordings)
cat: SPFD14
format: FloppyDisk
keywords: adventure,drone, holy music.
Label: SP Recordings

Someone has switched of the internet because of paying difficulties or it just happened to have a loose wonky cable that was obstructing the entrance to the digital highway,
I was getting frustrated of how dependent I am from internet and how far away everyone seems to be when it isn’t working. I felt simply like a robin Crusoe on a deserted island, all alone with the attitude of a junky that isn’t getting mashed up for today.  It is hard to imagine how once there was a time that I was highly against the whole internet phenomena. Rejecting it and branding everyone around me in a nerd with no life. Internet? Is that a f*cking joke? I remember the first steps into the world wide web, because a girl I was intrigued by was showing me the way around, and I thought of instead calling her too much nerdy names, I would go along with it… To be friends, because arrogantly enough I felt a bit sorry for this girl, hopelessly trapped in a world of zero’s and one’s, chatting with people she probably had never seen the faces off, searching through blogs and irc chat rooms.  Of course this was a disastrous trap as even though it took one hour to see one single picture appear on the computer screen, it was (as you may know) very addictive.
Soon trapped in this web, it was not easy to find your way around but I’ve found many online home’s and wonderful people that seem even more human than the humans I met in real life.
Perhaps that girl you are exchanging emails with is actually a 70 year old guy and that label owner guy you are so fond of is an old lady without a single tooth in her mouth. But who cares!
Soon I too got the hang of it and got seriously hooked on this crazy thing called the internet.
Something that really made the world smaller and a fantastic source of information, co-operation and worldwide friendships, & family members.  Anyway to make a very long and boring story short; now since there is no internet here, I’ve become very frustrated and annoyed.
It is like a hungry spoiled kid that doesn’t get his candy. I’m not pulling my hairs out, but it came close until I had this great idea to take this opportunity to review some touchable releases.
With touchable I don’t mean that you have to sexually arouse these products, but simply physical releases. I have a couple in my collection but never seem to have time to write some words about them.  And trust me; they deserve words and praises, not only because of the content of the music, but indeed as well because they are the cream of DIY goodies!
I thought directly of one of my favorite floppy disk releases from the last year, a classic by Ichtyor Tides.  The floppy is released on the infamous SP Records and for everyone who wants to know and did not bother to read it at the top: this is the catalog number  SPFD14.
SP stands for the label and FD for Fuck Drunks, or more logically: Floppy Disk.
It all makes sense really and once you put your eyes of the abstract looking artwork, it is a question of time to insert the diskette in your machine of choice.
The computer makes some noises reading the disk and tadaa: Cellars Descqent (The First Recordings) by Ichtyor Tides is ready to rock!
8 quality tracks people, squeezed on one single floppy disk is truly a remarkable fact, and makes this one of these personal beloved favorite things I’m lucky to possess. I have a feeling that there are still some of these floppy disks available at the SP Recordings web shop, which I certainly recommend to do so.. But of course before losing my brain completely while trying to write this review, let’s continue with the actual music that is one the disk.

The disk starts with a track called ‘Where the Waves Die’. It is a dramatic piece that made me think of harbors, the smell of the sea and dead fish, perhaps a place where waves would commit suicide when arriving in this little bay of humanity.

With ‘Entering the temple of Drone’ Ichtyor Tides captivates our ears by taking us on one of the boats lying in that filthy harbor of that place where the waves where dead on arrival.
Gratefully and gracefully do we all accept to hop on board of this vessel for a ride to hopefully escape that place we were in.  Ichtyor Tides proves to be a great captain and basically uses his skills to get the listener out into safety, by steering and giving the engine the right instructions for our way out. A very calming and relaxing boat ride evolves, even though we seem to have some worries on our heads. Luckily our captain is delivering us to the temple of Drone, where many sacred secrets are waiting for us to be explored.  With the following track that is called ‘The Ichtyosor Descends’, we wave our captain goodbye as he starts his engines and gets himself out of there.

With I’ve Seen The Last Of The Chtonians Bathing In Telluric Waves’ we are still following our captain on his motorboat driving through the waves of this poisonous sea. The wave seems to getting wilder, higher and more dangerous.  He screams of frustration and clearly has enough of his sea adventures.
The end bit the engine quits and the boat is floating helplessly on the sea…

The good thing is that we didn’t go along with our captain and he dropped us at a wonderful place that is the drone temple. This is a magical place as you could possibly imagine! Parties, drinks and hot looking zombies who serve the visitors who made the long journey to come to this temple.
The music is obviously Drone orientated in this amazing venue, but it also seems to be very danceable as I’m moving around shaking my body to an unbearable rhythm.  This could be the results of these drinks that they are serving here, or perhaps there is truly a mysterious holy ritual going on at this magical place of drone worship. Lucky everyone who gets their hands dirty on this floppy diskette gets the opportunity to hear these awesome drone rituals in 3 live recordings.

Chtonians Bathing (Endonde 2012 mix) is the last track on this delightful release, and is a calming picture of the sea where the Chtonians are bathing and giving their traditional clothing a break from their bodies. It feels like we can see them from a distance and they invite us to join their bathing session. The water is perhaps cold, but the sounds that are coming out of this cleaning puddle is warm and lovely. I think I drop my clothes off again and hook up with the Chtonians! See you later people! And oh yes before I forget; I’m not sure if this floppy disk is still available, as they go out as cookies, but if so; be sure to get one copy so you can go too to this holy drone temple, and experience a great holiday! Get your floppy over at the SP shop:

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