Pictures – Same EP

Artists: Pictures
Title: Same EP
cat: TAN002
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: acoustic, folk , rock
label: Tales About Nothing

Today i discovered that there is a new netlabel in town. It is called “Tales About Nothing” and is a Russian based label that focusses on releasing any kind of music & anti music! Today i will be diving in the second release of this already productive label. A cute goody by Pictures called ‘Same EP’.
Pictures is a lineup of Diman on the Mouth Harp, Jeka on the guitar and Kostjan on the drums.

Pictures is very polite and starts with a warm “welcome” for the listeners who have plugged into this cute release. The wisest Crestwood of a guitar is being used to supply a folk-ish rhythm, while the guitar strings are played lightly.

“still” is a official track that delivers happiness in a friendly environments where everyone seems to be safe and feeling good. The mouth harmonica is producing smiles, the guitar the lovely vibrations in between and the lively slapped drummer finalizes this tune into a pure source of fun music!

A more wishful and sentimental tune is being performed with “little useless things”. All along the way it seems a bright praising for indeed all these useless pretty little things. A very positive feeling shines through the music of this trio. It will touch your heart lightly and make you fall in love with Pictures. Perhaps it is time to pick up a fork and a plate and join in the fun!

And the gentle people are so nice to even tell us “goodbye” in a musical way. a fun little parade of fun are waving their hands to the listeners while they continue to play their music elsewhere. What a lovely chaps and what a fine unpretentious likeable release this is! This will definitely help you to relocate your smile and feel good and happy!
So why not tune into this jolly music yourself? You can find it at the link below:

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