PL433 – The China Syndrome (SPNet090)

Looking like a mural you might have once seen while making your way through the Denver International Airport is the album art for PL433's The China Syndrome. It's dark and seems to be depicting a soldier, and aside from him are two women in garb vaguely resembling the Virgin Mary, or nuns, or priestesses... I am not completely sure. We see fires in the sky, as if a war is taking place.

Artist: PL433
Title: The China Syndrome
Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPNet090
Keywords: Drill ‘n’ Bass, IDM
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Another 433-related review for tonight is PL433, a side-project of I-Get-HIV-On-Television, who released an awesome album fairly recently on SP Net of awesome IDM / drill ‘n’ bass… it’s very high quality, not to mention way cheaper than going to the dentist!

‘Intro’ is a sampled quotation from Blade Runner, my favourite line from the film of course, and one of the many reasons I love Rutger Hauer.

After that is ‘2112-12’ which begins with some distorted, bit-corrupted noise, and then some badass fucking IDM breaks that will send you reaching for the novacaine. It gets really fierce, seems to be over with a long stretch of silence, but that is eventually broken up with some blasts of noise!

Next is ‘PMR44610MW’. Really amazing rhythms on this one, makes you gnash your teeth and want to dance like a freak in a disused factory. The beats are totally explosive and life-affirming, just like petty acts of vandalism!

‘Metalhead’ gets a distorted synth sequence rolling, then right when you feel as though you’re moving smoothly down a conveyer belt this mechanistic groove starts up. This is excellent! Lots of noise frequencies are mixed into the track, giving the it an even more pummeling feel.

‘Alien Vs Robot’ hits you over the head with some harsh sonic electronics and a machine groove. I feel like I’m being fragged over and over. The music is relentless and mental, eroding complacency.

Some of those classic Amen style breaks coupled with deep filtered synths on ‘Robot Rush’. There’s an almost dub quality to this track, particularly with those bass synths and the effects used. Loving it! Super grim and austere experience for the dancefloor nihilist.

‘Tom’ is 7 seconds of a vocal sample…

… leading into the stomping thrust of ‘CocaCosa’, which takes it’s title from the samples used. Uptempo and housy, with loads of mechanical noises and a hoover, creating a vibe that’s almost like oldschool gabba.

Things get a lot more downtempo / downpitched on the high-octane terror-fueled hardcore masterpiece ‘FY’, which brings the ruckus, wrecking the shit out of your shit. Loving this one!

There’s a bit of distorted acid techno happening on ‘Eat Your Guts’, very intense, like a speed-addled game of Robotron: 2084.

It sounds like something’s being ripped apart on the last track, ‘Inutili Frequenze’. The groove on this one seems almost subliminal. The sounds are frenetic, jumbled and hypnotic. At this point, my mind had already melted away and I was a stupefied blob of drool, just shaking back and forth to the music.

I’ll just say it: you’ve gotta listen to this one! I’m just going to place a convenient link to the album page on archive right down below…

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