Weed – Intellectualty (NAHC073)

Weed - Intellectualty

The artwork for Intellectualty by Weed. Peace.

Artist: Weed
Title: Intellectualty
Cat#: NAHC073
Keywords: Lobit, Hardcore, Rap
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

The NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE net label, ran by Overthruster, was the first label to ever release anything of mine. This was back when I used to primarily be doing very lobit harsh rhythmic noise… naturally, I thought I’d spread some of the love back. I decided I’d review this album as it has the weird distinction of being the first thing I ever downloaded from a net label ever. It’s pretty surreal hearing it again, and makes me realize just how long ago 2006 was!

The album begins with ‘Conceptualzie’. A bit of rhythmic lobit bass kick rumbles in the low frequencies. Then there’s a snare added, a high pitched frequency… vocal samples come in, “I am the DJ!”, and a huge amount of distorted bass is piled on. I hear a twangy sound, probably electronic. The music later on gets even more confused and corroded, though I think I can hear choirs or vocals of some kind.

‘Insurgnt Jazz’ sounds like a bassy triangle wave sequence, with a touch of swing to it. A clipped up hi-hat / noise sound comes in, followed by a snare and brass hit. Loads of bass on this one, as well as some sampled rap vocal track about how record labels are shit.

‘Whiggrz On D0pe’ is a totally distorted mess that I think is mostly just some samples repeated, with a lobit chip overlay! It gets pretty funky once the samples drop off for a bit, though.

Last is ‘Bubb0r’. It’s got some lobit floating synth chords, then some distorted-as-fuck rhythms come in. There are more vocal samples that work pretty well with the crashing distorted shit. It also gets ultra funky after awhile…

… so yeah, this short album is absolutely ridiculous, but it is fun to listen to! Here’s a link to the direct download:


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