Various Artists – NEW 8.0

Artists: Various
Title: NEW 8.0
cat: NEW008
keywords: electronica,IDM,dubstep,ambient,dance
label: Esc.rec

N.E.W. is a platform and network for producers in Gelderland and Overijssel . Every year they release with the help of Esc.rec a compilation of 12 tracks to showcase the talented electronic producers of these regions of the Netherlands.  A couple of days ago a completely new episode of this epic compilation has hit the internet for free download.  Join Yeah I Know It Sucks in a walkthrough of these tracks, while they are still fresher than fresh!

An artist with a particular name opens up this compilation.  The name is MSNTHRPX and the track listens to another capitalized name ‘BRVND NU’. The tune is hanging heavily on a massive baseline and a sampled piano loop. Of course a fat beat that smells of a futuristic hip hop anthem, minus that it is missing the vocal parts. The sound seems to follow the earlier compilations of the concept of ‘Niewe Electronische Waar’, as this could be perceived as idealistic stoner material.

Track 2 is the combined work of Sam A La Bamalot & Asterisms with a relaxing piece of electronic lounge music called ‘Forgot to Breathe ft. Bijou. This is a very calming track that seduces the listener with delightful synthetic sound and feel to it. The track can be seen as a floating pop track that does its best to make you feel weightless and light in the head too.

An Unannounced Guest has invited itself, but brought The Planty Herbs! This is a warm welcome as the party was falling a bit flat, but this guest and green friends are putting the place on fire with an enjoyable relaxed and energetic funky rhythm! A nice flow of words are like a perfect marriage on this interesting electronic produced track.  Absolutely something to start your party with!

Now that we are high from the presence of the Unannounced Guest and The Planty Herbs we are in very good company with the music delivered by GameFace.  ‘Holy Ghost’ it is called and contains a delicious and delirious track for these fine high moments. A sampled vocal of (I believe) Indian origin plays the main role in this nice bombastic work. A Heavy Base kick and snare are the source of the deep sub base and for some kind of strange reason it made me think that someone like M.I.A. would definitely like to spit some words on top of it. If you feed her a lot of good ganja that is..

The next work on this compilation still keeps us highly involved in the ‘coffee shop music genre’.
A track by SineWave77 called Knetters. Knetters is a hard word to translate but I cannot resist making the connection of the Dutch expression ‘Knetter Stoned’. This basically means very very very stoned. SineWave77 created something original here that would indeed satisfy the people who are very high on the local green plants.  It got some dubstep elements glued to EBM and is a a bit of a killer when played on massive speakers.  Personally I recommend blasting this track loudly, get mashed up and dance around like a baboon!

Knarsetand follows up next with a lovely work called Dubbysunshine.  The introduction is a intelligent dramatic beauty. Beautiful melodic music that goes smoothly into a loungy dubstep vibe. The trumpet gives this electronic track an original Balkan vibe, while the beautiful strings and synth pads are really taking this track to something far beyond your regular dubby tune.
A powerful and enjoyable track that is created with great eye for detail that manages to surprises the ears with all the musical directions it is going. When the track transforms itself into a groovy electronic dance track that contains high energy as well as spacious ambience, I can’t contain my own enthusiasm. Knarsetand is a hell of a talented producer!

To the point and live and direct is the contribution of ‘Near Earth Object’. A no bullshit acid techno track, finalized to hypnotize the crowds in a hot dancing mass.  The pounding groove is created to make the most out of your limb movements, getting every inch of your body moving in a trance.
The layers of smart acid elements that don’t get to nasty, but are rightly planned and inserted, are defiantly done to lift the listeners up to a higher state of consciousness.

When we reached a level of spiritual heights the music of Yoeri enters our ears.  The track is called ‘Relieved’ and there isn’t a better title to describe this tune. A very relaxing and relieving, sexy piece of feel good lounge music that is delivered with great elegance. A nice track to spin after a steamy night of sex with your partner,, or just home alone after a long and hard day.

Alias Lou is another artist that has made it onto this compilation, who mastered the skill of the base-in-your-face. The arrogant title of the track promises something special as it is called: ‘4 minutes of something good’. Well good is of course not the same as special, but it actually is pretty sweet and original. The promise of the title didn’t tell a lie as this track is a memorable piece of modern nostalgia. A warm bath of organ sound, combined with base, sound effects and a fancy sick rhythm is absolutely gorgeous.  But when the trombone has hit the right tones on top of all this, this track simply evolves in something that goes directly into your heart.

After all the aliases and act names we have someone who perhaps is using its own name for producing music. It doesn’t seem to be important maybe, but from our own experiences people who marry their own full name to their musical projects are tend to make more personal audio stories.
I guess Raymon Brugman is experiencing the some kind of a loner effect and manages to translate it into a very lovely and original track called ‘Der Einzelganger (Binaural Beats Edition). Personally I absolutely love this track; it combines all likeable things together in a very fun and groovy tune.
Even though the track is highly electronic and full of sound, it feels like someone just jamming with a guitar, that Is how I perceive this track. Realer than real and with the many layers of lively played music and a diversity of instruments,  this track really stands out from the masses.
The music gets a complete shift when it gets more hyper and energetic which (believe me or not) even got me dancing.

Julien Mier also does a great job with the ‘Jumbler’ contribution. This is a feel good summer anthem that makes me thirsty. I mean these warm vibes would be certainly a good combination with a
tropical cocktail of some sort. Based on an efficient cut n paste way of programming, all the warmth of the world seems to be captured here in a danceable way.  A finger ticks the rhythm against a glass and here we go again. A clever little track that is a lot of fun!

The last track is a lovely and sweet tune made by Knotted Sweets. It is one of these fun electronic tracks that reminds me of forgotten times when braindance was getting high attention in my world.
This tune doesn’t get shoved under the carpet as it is an up to date piece of modernity that contains lovely and sweet sounds that are wet and cute.  This is a track that is obviously made with love, and what is there not to love about this sound in your own ears? Couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end this compilation! Get it (and more information) over here:

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