Super Manticore – Super Manticore (NJMP3-0273)

You're now looking at the album artwork for Super Manticore's self-titled album. Evidently, Super Manticores distinguish themselves from the herd of more commonplace manticores by turning everything around them into a psychedelic mindfuck zone.

Artist: Super Manticore
Title: Super Manticore
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0273
Keywords: Noise, Power Electronics, Electro, Breakcore, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Manticores: what are they? Well, they’re basically mythological badasses… lions with vaguely human facial features (sometimes), wings (usually) and a scorpion’s stinger (usually). There are some without wings or scorpion tails, but those types are significantly shittier. Oh, and they’re well known for being kind of dickish… wait, this one’s even walking around, what the fuck!? When you get down to it, I suppose nobody really knows what the hell these things are supposed to look like or how they get around. I guess, in the end, they’re still pretty cool. But, importantly, not as cool as the basilisk. Super Manticore: what is it? This one’s much easier! It’s the noise project of Sexy Tom and Sexy Rob. I can’t handle all the sexiness generated by these two images, so I must move on now to the review!

‘Track 01’ starts us off on the right track, with some rumbling, bassy distorted frequencies that jar your cranium until you bleed. Some higher frequencies of chipsound come in, and a lot of it seems to clip in and out of the mix.

Then it’s ‘Track 02’… buzzing static and what sounds like a cat – or a manticore! – meowing repeatedly can be heard under the static.

‘Track 03’ is harsh noise blasts in a semi-rhythmic, repetitive fashion. It’s like power electronics, you feel as if you’re being bludgeoned to death by the noise… the louder it gets, the more you want to break everything around you.

‘Track 04’ gets a broke-ass beat going and some harsh noise! Once those disappear, we’re treated to some more insane noise droppings, plus a sample from Ministry’s ‘Stigmata’. The rhythms get sped up to nose-bleed levels.

‘Track 05’ begins with a distorted bass mantra that might have once been a rhythm. Harsh white noise is thrown in, the track just pummels your eardrums with frequencies! It’s very broken, ending with harsh noise in the high frequencies.

Next is ‘Track 06’, which sounds like several broken machines fucking up… a metal robot body is falling down a flight of steel stairs, there’s an industrial accident like the ones they warn you about in those terrible workplace safety videos. The rhythms get really glitched up and groovy, it’s pretty awesome! It ends with wild electronic noise.

‘Track 07’ is like a repetitive distorted thumping with fever-pitched electro noise over it. Really nice!

‘Track 08’ is next, with loud, distorted noises and what sounds like an uptempo speedhouse 909 bass far underneath. This music will really mess you up!

I think a few layers of tightly programmed hats, cymbals and breakbeats are being run through an overdrive pedal on ‘Track 09’. It’s like an erratic freaky dance groove, almost infectious, but it will melt your face off.

Then there is the braincell killing frequencies on ‘Track 10’, followed by some sort of garage-industrial breakbeat that goes into a kind of hardcore electropunk thrash thing with extremely sped up noise chip arpeggios over it. It stops for a bit to batter your ears with some liquid noise, and jumps right back.

The bass frequencies are clipping on ‘Track 11’ and a breakbeat comes in, glitching up and cutting out. The whole track seems to be taking place in the mid-bass hrtz range!

‘Track 12’ is like low, sub-bass tribal distortion, I love it! Record-scratch noise comes in over the top and I’m losing my mind! It’s ultra-hypnotic and fucked up, in the best way possible. There’s no telling what’s going on here exactly. I think I hear animals screaming… it’s like a bad day at the zoo. It ends with a rush of distorted wind with spring reverb.

‘Track 13’ is like broken breakcore. Very distorted and all over the place, breaking open the head.

Aside from all the mashed up distorted breaks in various frequencies, I think I hear several clips of distorted chip sounds going on throughout ‘Track 14’. There’s a bassline sequence and you can hear metal being ripped apart, clanging in the mix. It distorts even further until it completely corrodes.

The last track is ‘Track 15’, which returns for awhile to the shrill, high-pitched noise! Every cavity in your head fills with blood; as you choke on bile and half-digested jell-o on the floor, convulsing, your life flashes before your eyes one last time before everything goes dark…

… yes, this is a very NOISY noise album from Super Manticore, probably not fit for human consumption. The distortion is so prevalent that it almost makes every track sound constipated! A worthy entry, and one you should definitely hear. You can get it at this link:

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