I Get Hiv On Television / Dædal Sphallðlalia – Invoking Chaos Gods Around The Bonfire (DLR012)

As the sun, in it's descent, begins to blanket the skies of the artwork for Invoking Chaos Gods Around The Bonfire by I Get Hiv On Television and Dædal Sphallðlalia in an orange hue, the stickmen of the Savannah set a fire in a small clearing. They employ a ritual of dance, imbibing any number of strange drugs and fermented beverages. During the ritual, they seek to embody the fiercest and most inchaote aspects of the natural world, a panoply often lasting into the earliest hours of the morning. All of this is in preparation for the more difficult and elaborate task of spending eight hours the following day working shit jobs doing repetitive mundance tasks for low wages.

Artists: I Get Hiv On Television / Dædal Sphallðlalia
Title: Invoking Chaos Gods Around The Bonfire
Læbel: Deep Lake Records
Cat#: DLR012
Keywords: Shamanic Noise, Tribal, Dark Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I got HIV on television awhile back… because “I don’t need a TV screen, I just stick the ærial into my skin, let the signal run through my veins.” My apologies, that song is just what often comes to mind when I see this artist’s name in print! Anyway, this is another wonderful, immensely enjoyable request we received awhile ago for review. Let it be known hereafter that I also regularly invoke the gods of chaos, though not around a bonfire but in my rented living space… servitors of gluttony, sloth and pride that lay brazenly upon the sofa in nothing but underwear, munching sugary breakfast cereals and watching Saturday morning cartoons. And, now I believe I may have found the perfect soundtrack to these sad rituals in I Get Hiv On Television and Dædal Sphallðlalia’s album Invoking Chaos Gods Around The Bonfire. The review shall now commence, and it is our will that it not fall to my near constant mindless babble!

The album starts with ‘Dvga-3ZombieFree’, which sounds like feedback with repeating noise like slow-motion machine gun fire, a deep echoing tribal call, subtle percussion and some other indescribable sounds. Very promising so far! It’s repetitive, mildly hypnotic, very tribal.

Next is ‘Shaman’, featuring scattered shots of tribal percussion that often sound like they’re being glitched up a little and this dark ethereal reverberation underneath. The percussion is generally very strange, sounding like programmed madness. There’s a horn sound, one that could literally be a horn, like off a rhinoceros or something.

The next track after that is ‘BongFire’… low, dark ambient drones, a doppler radar type frequency that is sustained outward into the darkness. There are some effects and noises that feel shrouded as if under a night sky. The percussion is obscure and very minimal, almost like a few deep clicks, the bassier of the noises sounds like simply a release of wind with short cut-off.

There’s a lot of shrill static on ‘Deprecatio Mali’ and it moves underneath the subtle voices… the effect of it reminds me of a vocoder, but it sounds more like a tape recording of someone speaking softly, an incantation, run through amplification; the tape hiss is louder than the voice, makes it sound somewhat mechanical.

After that is ‘La Seconda Venuta’. It sounds like distorted, flanged wind textures are traveling through your ears, a growling melancholic pad underneath… an electronically treated voice puts you under it’s spell. It’s very effective use of lofi recording, all of the sounds are melting into one another. The voices clip in certain key moments, it’s jarring but the track remains hypnotic and dark, ambient. I think I heard a subtle scream very low in the mix at one point.

‘Chaos Adhān’ begins with more textured white noise / wind / crash cymbals (possibly?) and adds a subtle, distorted lead that could either be a synth, a violin, an Arabian flute or stringed instrument of some kind, but I actually believe it to be vocal, possibly Sufi… it’s melody is definitely Arabesque. There is a distorted bit of bass that makes up the rhythmic underbelly of the track.

One of the most distorted tracks on here is the last one, ‘Invoking Class Consciousness’, which features blasts of harsh disjointed rhythmic sound and more treated vocals! The music bludgeons you for several minutes, lulling you into a trance.

I totally loved this album, and now I know for sure that I’m going to have to continue listening to both of these artists. It’s dark, tribal, very heavy music… zombie noise, even. It really gets you into a bizarre mental state! You want to download this album… you want to download this album… (link below!)


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