Mr.Flag – Never Say No To Panda set

Title: Never Say No To Panda set
Cat: Siro091
keywords: tribecore,mixlive
label: Sirona Records

Who said that the times of hardcore raving was over has probably damaged ears from their raving heydays.. If that isn’t the case it could have been the case that this person’s ears are sewed up. Either way the statement made is false as hardcore never dies! And this “never say no to panda” mix is proof that it is very much alive! A lengthy mix that keeps the energy flowing and is perfect to spin when working, cleaning the house, running around and of course party-ing! There is not a lot to say about this mix as it is not mented to be talked about. I have to mention it is hard to the bone and will be also great material to blast in the car while cruising around, annoying the elderly and other persons, who have less brain injury’s than you have! So just pump up the volume and let the speed kick in! Get this banging hardcore mix at the following link:
p.s. if you don’t download this mix, Panda is going to sort you out! So you have been warned!

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